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New launching: How to create four nude makeup looks with the Nude Lash Collection


At DUFF, false lashes can always make the day and complete any makeup look. And therefore, we’ve just launched four brand new lashes in our Nude Lash Collection, all of which are perfect for creating a natural as well as medium glam lash look.

Have you already spotted the four new lashes, but perhaps lack inspiration for makeup that matches the lashes' unique designs - then keep on scrolling! Our Nude Lash Collection offers unique features that definitely will make your makeup routine a bit easier. Besides being as comfortable and simple as our other lashes, those four lashes have a unique feature, as we’ve cut off and skipped some steps in the application process. With our Nude Lash Collection, you don’t need to measure or trim the lashes with scissors so that the length of the band suits your eyes – we’ve already done the work for you. Just glue and you’re ready to go!

Keep on reading for inspiration on how to create four fantastic makeup looks with four of our new lashes.

1. Short & Sweet

When it comes to creating a natural and elegant look, the secret lies in using the same shades of colors. Therefore, you still got the opportunity to add some shimmer, false eyelashes, or winged eyeliner to your look, as long as you keep it simple and elegant.

Start by applying a fresh and light face makeup. Use a nurturing cream, cover impurities, and dark circles with a concealer. If necessary, you can apply powder to the T-zone. Fill your eyebrows with an eyebrow pen and brush them with an eyebrow gel to create the illusion of fuller brows. Define your eyes by applying a matte nude eyeshadow in the crease and on the under-lash line. Then apply a golden shimmer eyeshadow on the entire eyelid to give your eyes a playful, eye-catching look - but make sure to use the same brown shades of colors.

To lift the look and add a touch of elegance, you can create a winged eyeliner with the Master Stamp & Stroke liner in black 12mm. For this natural look, our brand new lash Short & Sweet is the perfect match. The lashes add a subtle volume and frame the eyes naturally. With Short & Sweet, you create the illusion of being born blessed with full, gorgeous lashes! And as mentioned, you get to skip the steps of measuring and trimming the lash, which makes the application process much easier and quicker! Finish the look with a few strokes of a rosy blush on the apples of the cheeks and dab a light pink lipstick on the lips.

Click here to get the guide on how to create a perfect winged eyeliner.

2. No Drama

Although we love a traditional smokey-eye look, this take on this classic eye makeup is a great way to bring smokey-eye and full lashes into everyday life. It’s the perfect balance between color and definition, which is flattering for both day and night – and is by the way super easy to recreate!

Apply your usual face makeup and give your skin a natural sun-kissed look by applying your bronzer along the jawline, at the edge of your hairline, and slightly across the nose and chin. Blush is not necessary, as the focus is on creating a warmth and glowing skin. Find your favorite nude eyeshadow palette and add a natural smokey-eye in the golden shades.

As a finishing touch, our new lash No Drama is the obvious choice to add a little drama - but without being too overwhelming for the rest of the look! No Drama creates a subtle cat-eye look, which gives the eyes a natural, feathery lift. This lash is an absolute favorite if you want to add a little extra length and volume without creating a dramatic lash effect. Finish off with a matte nude lipstick to tie the whole look together.

3. Just A Hint

If you wanna go all-in on the flirty cat-eye look, then you'll definitely fall head over heels for the combination of Just A Hint with the Master Stamp & Stroke liner!

This dramatic yet sophisticated look is as easy to recreate as it looks - especially if you already got the Master Stamp & Stroke liner in your makeup bag! Start by defining your crease with a dark brown eyeshadow and apply the Master Stamp & Stroke liner in black 12mm. to make a perfect winged eyeliner. The new Just A Hint lash is perfect for completing the look, as it creates a natural-looking lash effect by gradually adding extra volume and length towards the outer lash line. If you wanna live out the cat-eye dream, you should definitely go for Just A Hint as it creates a stunning cat-eye effect!

To balance out the look, apply a neutral and nude lipstick to compliment the deep dramatic eyes.  

4. Doll-Like

Stunning lips and glamorous eyes are certainly a classic look that never goes out of style. Whether you’re a red lip kinda girl or into the dramatic eyes, or even the combination of both, this look will make sure that you take the spotlights wherever you go!

After applying your face makeup, apply a golden highlighter, which will add an eye-catching glowy finish and create an illusion of shine and freshness to the skin. Use a small brush to apply the highlighter to your cheekbones, bridge of the nose, and cupid's bow. Make sure to blend well for a flawless finish.

To add the perfect touch of glow, gild the eyes with an irresistible wash of champagne colors! The golden eye makeup is all about enhancing the eyes with a touch of shimmer and bronze. Use tones of nude and golden champagne eyeshadows and apply across the eyelids, moving the darkest bronzed tone across the crease for definition. The shimmer undertones of the shade will give your lids an illuminated look that will brighten the whites of your eyes. Remember to stick to the same shades and blend the eyeshadows well.

Finish the eye look by applying the new Doll-Like lash, which with its rounded shape gives a lot of volume and dimension. The unique style of the lash makes the eyes appear larger and more open. Doll-like is the most voluminous lash of our Nude Lashes, yet it still creates a natural, light look. The voluminous expression of the lash will therefore add a lot of intensity and highlight your eyes - which is the perfect eye-catcher for this glamorous look!

Spice up the look with a moisturizing lipstick in tones of red or raspberry to complement the classic look. You can also choose to use a matte nude lipstick to tie the look together if you wish to tone down the look.


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