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Get the look: Four Easter makeup ideas

Easter isn’t typically known for spectacular makeup moments – Because we all know that the award goes to New Year’s Eve! However, celebrating Easter is a perfect excuse to try out new makeup looks. So, whether you're dyeing eggs, celebrating with family, or catching up with friends, why not try one of these four Easter makeup ideas? And don't worry—it's not just all pastels or yellow; From vibrant coral lips to flushed, natural, dewy skin, there's truly an option for every makeup vibe.
So if you’re planning to celebrate Easter with friends, family, or just by yourself, take a look here – because these colorful and natural looks are worth trying!

1. Coral lips

While we love a natural no-makeup makeup look, this new twist on the natural trend is a great way to bring fresh cheeks and coral lips into a Easter look. Coral lipstick is basically pink lipstick's cooler sister - like the one who knows exactly how to do a perfect natural look with just the right amount of color.

This look is so beautiful and easy to recreate! Start by applying a fresh and light base makeup. Define your eyebrows with an eyebrow pen and brush them with an eyebrow gel to create an illusion of fuller and more natural brows. Then apply a light brown eyeshadow on the entire eyelid and blend it up to the crease. Use the same eyeshadow to frame the eye by applying a bit under the eye. Apply a light coat of Supreme Lash Mascara in brown to define and add some volume. To add the perfect touch of flushed skin, you need to find your favorite rosy blush. One of the biggest makeup trends this spring is blush contouring. Therefore, apply the blush on the cheeks, temples, and eyes to create a fresh and warmth look. Coral lips are the perfect way to celebrate Easter without the makeup becoming too overwhelming. Therefore, finish off the look by applying a beautiful coral lipstick that brings the whole look together!

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2. The ultimate Easter look

If a change in seasons is your favorite excuse to experiment with colorful makeup looks, then take this dramatic look to the makeup lab! Because this yellow smokey eye look is definitely worth trying at home! This black and yellow combination creates a super cute and playful Easter-vibe effect.

If you wanna give this sophisticated, bold makeup look a try, use your favorite colorful eyeshadow palette to create a beautiful yellow smokey eye and apply a pair of Monroe lashes. The combination of eye look and lashes will definitely make a lasting impression on whatever you’ve planned to do this Easter! This palette Art Library It's Designer by MAC is perfect for this colorful look, as it consists of 12 intensely pigmented eyeshadows in vibrant shades. Make sure to apply the black shadow in the crease and slightly below the eye to create the dramatic illusion.

For this yellow smokey eye look, Monroe is the perfect match, as the lashes give a beautiful cat-eye effect. With its extra volume and gradual length, Monroe is the ultimate lash to give this look an elegant finish. To create an even more vibrant and fresh effect, apply a pink blush on the cheekbones. Finish off by applying a coral, glossy lipgloss, that not only give a plumpy shine effect but at the same time adds the perfect pop of color!

3. The natural Easter look

An Easter makeup look doesn’t necessarily have to be eye-catching or colorful. If you’re looking for a perfect no-makeup makeup look for Easter, then this elegant look takes the cake!

Apply your usual face makeup to create a flawless base. To add some color back to the face, apply a bit of bronzer without shimmer along the cheekbones. However, you should avoid contouring the face or using blush, as it’s the flirty eyes that should take the attention! Therefore, apply a white eyeliner on the waterline that instantly makes your eyes look wider, brighter, and more awake by seemingly extending the whites of the eyes. This Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Waterproof eyeliner pencil is perfect for the waterline, as it’s incredibly gentle and soft to apply.

To lift the look and add a touch of elegance, apply our lash glue in white and our brand-new lashes, Short & Sweet. Our lash glue is a must-have when applying false lashes, as it protects your natural and falsies. In addition, it dries clear, giving a much more natural-looking effect. Short & Sweet is a new natural lash in our Nude Lash Collection. The amazing part of the lashes is that you don’t have to measure or trim them with scissors, as the band on the lashes already fits your eyes. By applying Short & Sweet, you create the illusion of being blessed with long, luscious lashes – therefore, the lashes add the perfect touch to an elegant, natural Easter look!

To balance out the look, apply this beautiful lipstick by Mac in the color Runway Hit to add some fullness and a slight of color. The lipstick has a matte finish in an amazing nude shade.  

4. Elegant lips

Classic red lips are always perfect for any holiday. You can therefore never go completely wrong with a flawless red lip! Create a fresh statement look with red lips, highlighter, and full black mascara that gives the perfect festive holiday vibes!

You can recreate this glamorous look by emphasizing your best features with a beautiful highlighter, that gives the illusion of healthy, glowing skin. Use Supreme Lash Mascara in Black to add some intensity and to make the eyes pop.

To add the finishing touch to the makeup, apply your favorite red lipstick. However, start by drawing your lip line with a lipliner that has the same color as your lipstick to ensure a flawless, bold look. If you haven’t found a favorite red lipstick yet, then this one by Yves Saint Laurent in the color Rouge Unapologetic is a great option! The lipstick is creamy and gives an incredible, bold color that stays on both day and night.

This combination of glowy skin and red lips isn’t only sophisticated and feminine, but also a true makeup classic! Give it a try! 

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