Master Stamp & Stroke

How to do a perfect winged eyeliner

At DUFF, we love the elegant and stylish cat-eye look. Therefore, we have developed a new, upcoming favorite product for all those who dream of mastering the art of making the perfect winged eyeliner. Using the Master Stamp & Stroke Liner you can quickly and easily make a sharp winged liner on every eye, every single time. Get the guide on how to create the winged eyeliner look with our new favorite product here.

Why you should try the Master Stamp & Stroke Liner

Let’s just all agree that a winged eyeliner is a beautiful touch for any eye makeup, as nothing elevates the eye makeup game like a perfectly drawn winged eyeliner. The cat-eye look is super-hot to rock, however you should not let your shaky hands and lack of technique keep you away from the hottest trend. At DUFF, we got the perfect solution for you that will help you achieve the perfect winged eyeliner in seconds! The dual-sided Master Stamp & Stroke Liner has an incredibly easy application method and creates simple, yet professional results. With its specially developed 2-in-1 function, the Master Stamp & Stroke Liner is simplifying the way to you apply eyeliner.

The idea of the Master Stamp & Stroke Liner is to provide a unique and easy solution for creating a perfectly even winged eyeliner on both eyes. And honestly speaking… It does not get any easier than this! Because this one has been specially designed to help you with your winged eyeliner woes.

The eyeliner is a 2-in-1 product, as the dual-sided wing stamp pen and felt-tip liquid liner help create the gorgeously drawn cat-eye every time. The wing stamp pen is incredibly easy to use, allowing you to stamp a perfectly sharp wing at the outer edge of your eye. The felt-tip liquid liner has a fine tip and creates a line of color that is precise, consistent, and intense. The product does not require a lot of experience, because by using this technique you surely will avoid the uneven wings and messy strokes!

Are you not convinced yet? The technique is easier that you can imagine! Watch Caroline from our DUFF team use the eyeliner to create wings that are sharp enough to kill and follow our step-by-step tutorial to learn how to create a liner like a pro.

Tutorial: How to create a perfect winged eyeliner

  • Step 1: Shake the product before use.
  • Step 2: Place the wing stamp pen at the outer edge of the eye and press gently to create a sharp wing.
  • Step 3: Draw a precise line with the felt-tip liner along the lash line and extend the line to the wing.
  • Step 4: Repeat the process on the opposite eye using the other Master Stamp & Stroke Liner.

    Bonus tip: Make sure to hold on to the center of the eyeliner while applying, as it allows you to have fully control over the finish.

You should definitely give this incredible product a try! As there is no need for practice or a steady hand - Because with this proper method, it is absolutely achievable to create a perfect and neat winged eyeliner.

And hey btw… When you buy a Master Stamp & Stroke Liner, two eyeliners will be included in the box - One for each eye. It is also worth noting that the liner is waterproof, which means that you will avoid those smudged panda eyes on a rainy day, and on top of that, it is also 100% vegan! Likewise, you can choose between two sizes (Lite 8 mm) or (Grand 12 mm) based on how dramatic you want your flick.

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