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Make sure to place your Premium Clusters at the correct angle. Follow the natural curve of the eye to create a harmonious look.

Always apply the Clusters 1-2 mm above your waterline The waterline refers to the wet area of the eye. If the Clusters come into contact with the wet area, it can affect durability and cause irritation.

Use the Pro Lash Applicator to grip the tips of the clusters. By doing this, the Clusters will be the first to touch your lashes, not the applicator itself, which assists in a more precise and easy application.

Remember to always take your time and be meticulous during the process for the best results.

-Avoid lashes coming into contact with water for the first 6-8 hours.
-Avoid using oil-based products around the eye area, as this can loosen your lashes and reduce longevity.
-Avoid sleeping on your stomach or side when wearing your Extended Lashes, as this can disrupt your lash look.
-Only fuse the lashes with the applicator or completely clean and dry fingers.

It's entirely up to you! You can apply and remove daily or keep them on for up to 7 days. It depends on preference, proper application, and correct care. Our Extended Lash Premium Clusters are designed to be extremely lightweight to provide a damage-free experience and spare your natural lashes from excessive weight and tension.

Once you've mastered the technique, you'll find it easy to take showers, swim, or exercise with your Extended Lashes. However, you should be aware that prolonged exposure to steam can loosen the clusters. If this happens, you can easily address the issue. Wait for your lashes to completely dry and then add a small amount of Pro Bond and gently fuse the lash clusters together.

After application, it's important to avoid water contact for the next 6-8 hours to allow Pro Bond & Seal sufficient time to set. Remember not to touch your lashes when they are wet.

80% of our customers find that they can reuse their clusters. However, it should be noted that we cannot provide any guarantees.

If you wish to try and reuse your clusters, we recommend soaking them in Isopropyl alcohol for about 30 minutes. Afterward, you can gently brush away any Pro Bond residue with a spoolie and let them air dry completely before reappling.

Our Extended Lash Collection is safe to use for pregnant women. We have taken safety into consideration during the development of our products. However, we always recommend that pregnant women consult with their own doctor, as no pregnancies and bodies are the same.

To achieve the best results with Extended Lashes, it's important to follow these steps:

- Always ensure that the area around your eyes and lashes is dry and free from oil, makeup, and cream residues.
- Before you begin the application, feel free to curl your lashes as this will help provide better visibility under your natural lashes.
- Position a mirror in front of you, angled upward, so you can look down into it. This will offer a better view under your lash line and ensure an easier and more precise application.
- Use your free hand to hold your eyelid up if you have difficulty seeing properly under your lashes.
- By following these simple steps, you will achieve optimal application of Extended Lash and a beautifully enduring result.

If you experience a sticky sensation after applying your Extended Lashes, it may be due to applying too much Pro Bond. It's important to remember that only a small amount of product is necessary to achieve a long lasting look.

To avoid this sticky feeling and ensure that the formula can properly dry down, simply use a minimal amount of Pro Bond during application. When applying the product, make sure to have good control over the quantity and avoid excessive use.

By using the right amount of product, your Extended Lashes will adhere securely and feel comfortable without any sticky sensation.

Our Pro Bond is specially formulated for this technique and features a unique formula. When you first receive your Pro Bond & Seal, the bonding formula will be more liquid. After a little time, the formula will thicken slightly, making it easier to apply and helping you avoid using too much product.

To ensure that the formula is not exposed to too much air, which can cause it to set and become clumpy, avoid "pumping" air into the container. Also, always make sure the area around the opening is clean of any Bond residue. The opening can be cleaned with Isopropyl alcohol.

If you find the formula becoming clumpy and desire a more liquid consistency, you can try one of the following tips:
- Warm the tube between your hands or behind your knees.
- Place your Pro Bond & Seal in a bag and seal it tightly. Then, place it in a bowl of warm/lukewarm water.

These methods will help make the formula more liquid again. Be cautious to only gently warm the product and avoid overheating, as this could affect the quality of the product.

Our Premium Cluster contains 36 handcrafted lash-bouquets, which is sufficient for 4-5 sets. Therefore, one box can typically cover approximately one month's usage.

Many of our customers find that this technique is easier than traditional false lashes. However, mastering the Extended Lash technique might require some practice for a few. So, don't lose heart if your lash look doesn't last as long as expected initially. With a bit of practice, the longevity will come!

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