Spring 2022 Makeup Trends


What’s the one good thing about the dead of winter? We know that spring is just around the corner—and that means fun, fresh spring makeup looks to try. Thanks to the spring/summer 2022 glamorous runways, there is already plenty of makeup looks to start planning. So, are you curious to know which trends are gonna take the spotlights this spring? Then keep on reading, because we got you covered up for the best bright, glittery, and colorful spring 2022 makeup trends from the runways to get you through the winter slump and excited for springtime. Take a look and get inspired by the seven makeup trends that will dominate this season!

1. Contouring Blush

Blush is usually what makes the skin look healthy and fresh, and what completes the makeup look by a few strokes on the cheeks and cheekbones. If you’ve inhabited the TikTok beauty sphere closely this year, you’ve probably already noticed this trend - because blush contouring has moved from the social media screens to the spring 2022 fashion runways.

There is no doubt that blush contouring, where the blush is applied to the cheeks, temples, and eyes, is a look that’s going to be seen everywhere and on everyone!

2. The New Neons

Why wait until summer to bring out the dramatic blue, neon green, and fluorescent pink eyeshadows? If you’re not afraid to use colorful eye makeup, then this trend is perfectly suited for you - because the neon colors play the main role, and the dramatic eyes are a trend that’s here to stay!

3. Glossy lips

Makeup trends come and go. So, it was only a matter of time before the shiny lips came back into fashion. The 00s have made their comeback because the shiny, glossy lips have stolen the spotlight on the streets!

The glossy lips, however, have got a modern twist, as the look has been topped with light coral colors and cherry shades, and the lip gloss adds its glamorous touch!

4. Embellished Eyes

Who needs concealer when you have glittering crystals or metallic studs scattered under your eyes? The trend is certainly daring, but also a super nice way to add an extra decorative touch to the makeup.

The glittery eyes combined with subtle pink cheeks and lips are a trend that we have fallen head over heels for!

5. Classic Red Lips

This season is gonna meet plenty of fresh, red lips - and not just planned for the special occasions. The combination of the red lipstick and the subtle eyes is a look that many of us dream of wearing on weekdays, and now, finally, we’ve got the perfect opportunity! Classic and fantastic.

6. Soft Pastels

Two words that can be used to describe both spring and this look: Dewy and pastel. With skin and lips this glowing and fresh, a stroke of pastel shades on the eyes makes the perfect way to start spring!

7. Perfect Match

If you’re not yet one to coordinate your eyeshadow to your outfit, then you got all the runway support you need to get started with this trend! You can’t do something completely wrong these upcoming months if you’re sticking to matching your makeup to your outfit!

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