Four trendy spring nail designs to recreate at home


Are you into colors and patterns on the nails, or do you prefer the simple look? Read on here for inspiration on four beautiful nail looks that are perfect for spring and festive occasions.

This season offers a lot of inspiring colors and nail arts. Lucky for you, we’ve spent hours scrolling through Instagram to find four beautiful nail colors, designs, and trends that are going to be everywhere in 2022. From floral prints to pastel French manis. Keep scrolling for guides and inspirational looks to try out this spring.

1. Colorful French Manis

This colorful French manicure trend has literally made its comeback as the white tips have been switched out to the colors of the rainbow. It’s great news for all of those who wish to add a personal and colorful touch to the classic nail art! This 2022 version of the French manicure is by far our favorite take on the classic look!

It may seem a bit difficult to figure out exactly what to use and how to do a French manicure. But once you know the routine, it's actually quite easy.

Step 1: Always start by prepping your nails. File, buff, and wash your nails, and cut the cuticles before applying your nail polish.

Step 2: Apply a thin and even layer of base coat after you’ve prepped the nails. Avoid the cuticles and the skin around the nail to get a beautiful and flawless finish. Let the base coat dry completely before applying your nail polish.

Step 3: Use a neutral nail polish as a base color and apply the color evenly all over the nails. If you want a full-coverage effect, apply several coats of the base color.

Step 4: The next step is the fun part. If you wish to recreate this look, use a soft, orange polish to draw the tips. If you got calm hands, you can draw the orange tips with a thin brush to achieve a precise and even look. However, you can also use sticker guides, that allow you to create the perfect French manicure easily and effortlessly.

Step 5: After doing the orange tips, finish off the look by applying a top coat evenly over the entire nail. And voilà, you’ve created a beautiful and colorful French manicure.

2. Pastel nails

Pastel colors are once again trending this season, as this nail art is really having a moment. The only rule? Keep the color palette in the same family. Whether you’ve dressed in a classic or colorful outfit, these pastel nails will add the perfect feminine touch to every look - as this season’s color palette is a pure candy shop!

You only need a few pastel colors to recreate this look. If you don’t have the exact five colors, you can easily use one, two, three, or more nail polishes to recreate this spring look – as there isn’t much you can do wrong, as long as you stick to the pastel shades.

3. Double French

Do you want a professional nail design, but without the struggle? With our new reusable press-on nails you can get the experience of beautiful salon-looking nails in minutes!

The French manis have had its comeback for a while now, however, the classic, timeless nail art has had a modern twist in several ways - both in shape, color, and patterns. And these elegant Double French press-on nails are inspired by the classic white manicure, but with a particularly flattering twist! These Double French nails are a perfect alternative, as the manicure set contains everything you need to make a salon-looking mani easily and quickly.

How to do a salon-looking manicure in minutes:

Prep your nails: Always apply the press-on nails on clean and dry nails. Use the nail buffer to buffer the nails, and use a nail polish remover to clean any dust or oil on the surface of the nails.

Step 1: Choose the size that matches your natural nail shape. The press-on nails are marked with numbers on the inside, which makes it easy to find a perfect match. To achieve a natural look, it’s recommended to go a size down.

Step 2: Apply the nail glue directly onto your natural nail. To avoid air bubbles under the press-on nail, apply an even layer of glue all over your natural nail. Wait 3-5 seconds for the glue to dry into a sticky consistency.

Step 3: Then apply the press-on nail. Start by placing it very close to the cuticle to make sure to keep the nail straight. Press down for 30 seconds.

Tip: To make sure that your press-on nails last up to ten days, apply the nails in the evening for the glue to dry completely throughout the night. If, on the other hand, you want the nails to last shorter, apply a small amount of glue onto the nails.

4. Floral nails

One of the season's biggest nail trends are patterns and prints - that's why this manicure is the perfect statement that can spice up any outfit! This cute, floral-inspired nail design basically screams "wear me to all of your fun things in 2022!". And as a bonus, you don’t need professional skills to create this feminine and eye-catching look.

Step 1: Start by prepping your nails and applying your base coat.

Step 2: Then find a subtle pink and pastel-orange nail polish, and apply the pink color on the index finger and middle finger. Use the orange polish on the other three fingers to create a playful effect. Make sure that the nail polish dries completely before you start drawing the flowers.

Step 3: Use the same orange nail polish and a white one to draw the flowers. If you don’t have a small, thin brush, you can use a toothpick or a barbie pin to make the floral print.

Step 4: Finish off the manicure by applying a top coat. The top coat adds a more glossy finish and high shine, giving them the illusion of a thicker layer of polish that looks like gel. It will also protect the nails a bit better from peeling and chipping.



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