Extended lashesTips & tricks - How to make Extended Lashes last the longest. Maintenance of diy-lashes

How to make Extended Lashes last the longest

With the right application and maintenance, our Extended Lashes can last for up to 7 days. Here is a few tips and tricks that can help your lashes last as long as possible. These tips can also be u...

Extended lashesEyelash cycle

Eyelash cycle

The eyelash cycle can affect how well and how long your lash extensions last. Learn more about what a lash cycle is and what it means for your lash look.

Extended lashesLash extensions vs extended lash

Eyelash extensions vs Extended lash

Voluminous and long lashes have been popular for a long time and are also one of the big makeup trends in 2023. There are many ways to get beautiful and long lashes and one of them is lash extensi...

Press-on nails2023 trends: nails of the year

The most beautiful nail trends in 2023

The new year also means a lot of new nail trends in 2023. Even at Duff HQ, the nails for the new year have been on the program for a long time. Although we can't yet reveal the upcoming collection,...

Makeupbrown mascara is the newest trend and it has come to stay

Brown mascara is "the new Black!"

TikTok trends come and go, but the latest addition, brown mascara, will stick around. Don't worry, the drama-enhancing, jet-black mascara will always have a place in our makeup kit, but if you want...

Press-on nailsThe complete guide: Which false nails are best?

Which false nails are best?

It can be a jungle to find your way around all the many options within false nails. Therefore, we have made a complete guide about the different ways you can get beautiful nails, as well as explain...