Brown mascara is "the new Black!"

brown mascara is the newest trend and it has come to stay

TikTok trends come and go, but the latest newcomer, brown mascara, will stick around. Don't worry, the drama-enhancing, jet-black mascara will always have a place in our makeup kit, but if you want a warmer, more subtle look, brown mascara is the way to go. 

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A softer look

While black mascara is the standard choice for most, brown mascara should not be underestimated. Although a chocolate brown mascara may be a bit more muted than black, it enhances your eyes in a completely different way.

Brown mascara gives a softer look than black does, so it's a good option for a more simple way to highlight your eyes.

As brown gives a more natural appearance, it's a good option for those who think black looks too harsh against their skin tone or eye color.

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Brown mascara enhances light eye colors

A brown mascara warms and brightens the eyes. It will naturally lighten the color around your eyes and give a more natural look.

Against eye colors like blue, green, and hazel, the brown mascara provides a deeper warmth. It makes the eyes appear brighter and more vibrant. Almost as if they shine more.

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Supreme Lash Mascara, 02 Brown

Supreme Lash Mascara is a clump-free mascara filled with lash-enhancing ingredients designed to separate, lengthen, and lift each tiny lash to create a defined and awake look.

DUFFBEAUTY Supreme Lash Mascara strengthens, nourishes, and styles lashes all at once. With the mascara's nourishing ingredients, you get the best of both worlds - a combination of mascara and lash serum. The mascara's brush captures each individual lash, giving you full and voluminous lashes. After prolonged use, Supreme Lash Mascara will provide healthier and stronger lashes.

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