Extended lashes

Try these 3 different looks with your extended lashes!

Try these 3 different looks with your extended lashes!

With our extended lashes, you have endless possibilities, and you can tailor your lash look to your liking. For example, you can create a natural look for everyday wear and a more dramatic look for parties using the same set of lashes! Each box comes with 36 bouquets in three different lengths, allowing you to be creative with your application.

3 Different Lash Maps

Our 3 most popular ways to style your lashes are natural, doll-eye, and cat-eye.


With the natural style, you follow the natural growth pattern of the lashes, resulting in a subtle yet enticing look. Natural complements any eye shape and size, so you can't go wrong with this lash map.


The doll-eye style is often characterized by longer lashes in the middle than at the inner and outer corners. This draws more focus to the center of the eye, creating an illusion of larger and more open eyes, making your face appear more refreshed.

Interested in trying doll-eyes?

This lash map is particularly suitable for monolid, hooded, and almond-shaped eyes. Monolid eyes are characterized by downward-pointing outer corners and no crease on the eyelid. Hooded eyes are characterized by the brow bone and skin underneath hanging slightly, covering the upper part of the eyelid. Almond-shaped eyes are elongated and shaped like an almond.


For a cat-eye look, the lashes gradually lengthen, starting shorter towards the inner corner of the eye and ending longest at the outer corner. This lash map provides the same effect as a winged eyeliner, making it perfect for creating a dramatic and seductive look. Try it next time you want to dress up a bit!

Interested in trying cat-eyes?

This lash map is suitable for most eye shapes but is particularly suitable for eyes with upward-facing eye corners. It can also be used for eyes with downward-facing eye corners to create an illusion of more upward-facing eye corners and for round eyes to create an illusion of wider eyes.

Check out our Instagram post to see examples of how to place the lashes to create each look:


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