Extended lashes

Extended Lash Starter Kit vol. 2


Welcome to lashes with salon results vol. 2

Our Extended Lash Starter Kit was born out of a need we experienced in our daily lives. Namely, to bring the salon experience home and have beautiful lashes all the time, without being dependent on fixed visits and appointments.

What should you know about the new Extended Lash Starter Kit?

Since we introduced our first Extended Lash Starter Kit in November 2022, we have committed ourselves to constantly improving our product so that you can always achieve salon quality wherever you are. From our commitment and our constant work over the past year, we can now present a range of remarkable improvements in the category and in our Extended Lash Starter Kit.

These improvements are created with one purpose in mind - to enhance your beauty routine, because we believe you deserve it!

The Products Pro Bond & Seal:

  • Unique and flexible formula that allows your lashes to move freely and grow while wearing the bouquets.
  • Can be used by people with sensitive eyes, as the formula contains neither latex, formaldehyde, nor cyanoacrylate.
  • The formula has been updated to make it easier to use for more skin types. So, if you have oily skin tendencies, you can still use the product and achieve a durable result.

Pro Remover:

  • Effectively and gently dissolves bond.
  • Contains moisturizing and antibacterial ingredients.

Pro lash Applicator:

  • Specially designed to leave a smooth light, but firm pressure on the lash.
  • The tip is shaped according to the eye's shape, making it easy and convenient to apply.

Premium Cluster:

  • Specially designed to be ultra-lightweight and not burden the natural lashes.
  • The lash band is developed to be ultra-fine, yet durable, to leave a natural and seamless result.
  • The lashes are handmade and created in vegan quality material.
  • Updated and developed with extra-strong lash fibers, which create a durable look and make the bouquets easier to reuse.

3 Spoolies:

We have now also added 3 spoolies to the kit, making application and removal easier. You literally don't need anything else but the kit.

In the Extended Lash Starter Kit vol. 2, you can choose between five of our most popular and beginner-friendly lash styles: Classic, Wispy, Lite, Rimel, and Natural.


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