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Tips to ensure your makeup always looks natural


In theory, natural makeup should be oh-so easy - it's minimal, which means minimal effort, right?

If like us, you sometimes find your foundation often goes cakey and creases, or your attempts at contouring verge on clown-like, we get it. This is a safe space. Clumpy mascara and too unnatural and overdrawn brows – it’s unfortunately a common problem.

Thankfully, there’re some great tips on how to do dreamy 'no makeup makeup'. And that’s why we here at DUFFBEAUTY wanna share a few easy tips on how you can create a natural makeup look. So, keep scrolling to get inspiration and some life-saving tips for an easy, quick, and natural makeup.

1. Customize your base

One way to get a more natural base is to mix a little moisturizer into your foundation. Blending your foundation will dial down the coverage and give skin a dewier, natural finish.

For a glowier finish, try adding a smidge of MAC's Strobe Cream to any foundation. It’ll not only reduce the heaviness of any base, but it'll instantly increase your glow and leave the skin looking fresh and natural. Definitely a tip to take home!

2. Apply concealer differently

It can be tempting to go all in with concealer to cover dark circles. However, as you probably already know this can lead to ashy undereyes and caking. Especially, if you apply a thigh layer or the wrong shade.

A great tip to ensure a more natural finish when using concealer is to look at yourself in the eye when applying. We tend to zero in on all our imperfections, but no one else does. So, when you use concealer try to look into your eyes and conceal only things that you notice within the peripheral vision. Remember, people only look at each other in the eye, they don’t see all those other 'imperfections' that we see ourselves!

If you’re going for a natural finish, try LANCÔME’s Effacernes concealer it gives a dewy, bright finish that will perk up under eye circles.

3. Long, healthy, and natural eyelashes

Mascara can be super heavy (which isn't always a bad thing), but if you're trying to achieve a softer look, then big, voluminous lashes can be too much.

To create a natural lash look, you should therefore avoid applying too many layers of mascara. 1-2 layers should be enough - and then it's always a good idea to use an eyelash curler (before mascara of course) and comb through the lashes with an eyelash brush.

The mascara you use also plays an important role. If you dream of long, beautiful, and healthy lashes, you should go for a mascara with nourishing ingredients. Our Supreme Lash Mascara is an all-in-one mascara. The mascara acts as an eyelash serum, as it’s enriched with six nourishing ingredients that provide healthier and fuller natural eyelashes. In addition, the mascara is long-lasting, tear-resistant, and doesn’t flake, smudge, or budge!

Dreaming of healthy, long, and full lashes? Get inspired on why you should use Supreme Lash Mascara, and how to keep your natural lashes long and healthy by clicking here.

The clever way to contour

Intimidated by all those crazy-looking contour videos? You're not the only one... But the technique is actually more simple than you think if you do it correctly (and of course are going for a natural look).

Take your favorite bronzing powder in matte and sweep it under the cheek, running from the top of the ear towards, but not touching, the corner of the lip. Opt for definition, not drama - It should look defined but natural, so better to apply less than too much!

Whatever is left on the brush, swipe it across the forehead and slightly on the bridge of the nose.

5. Natural, defined eyebrows

When it comes to creating a natural eyebrow look, the main rule should be to go for a defined look and not dramatic – like any other makeup. DUFFEBEAUTY's brow products are the perfect duo for creating beautiful, healthy, and defined brows!

If you got over-plucked brows or empty spaces in the brows, it’s always a great idea to start by using an eyebrow pencil to draw and fill in the brows.

With our double-sided eyebrow pencil, High Define Brow Pencil, you can create defined and natural-looking brows in seconds! Use the eyebrow pencil to draw and fill in the eyebrows with a light hand so that the color looks like a shadow on the skin under the hairs. The brow pencil has an ultra-fine tip, which makes it easy to make precise hair-like strokes that define, shape, and fill brows. Then use the brush on the opposite side to blend and style the brow so that you create a defined and natural look. 

After filling in your brows, use the High Define Brow Gel to set the brows and create extra fullness to the hairs. Besides giving an ultra-strong hold, the brow gel actually tames the brows with its nourishing ingredients, which naturally make them fuller and groomed. The brow gel has a unique formula, as it’s a 3-in-1 clear gel that nourishes, defines, and sets brows in place all day - so it’s a perfect solution for creating a long-term result and an instant brow styling effect.

Do you wanna get full, healthy, and well-groomed eyebrows? Get inspired by how and why DUFFBEAUTY's brow products give healthier and fuller brows.

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