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Here's how you can use your liquid eyeliner in different ways

Here's how you can use your liquid eyeliner in different ways

Eyeliner has always been a key component of a makeup look. But the best eyeliner looks often require a little time, effort, and skill - unless you already are using DUFFBEAUTY's Master Stamp and Stroke eyeliner. And yes, if you don't know it yet, our multifunctional eyeliner makes it easy to create a perfect winged eyeliner look. But what you probably don't know yet is that there are actually many different ways to use your liquid eyeliner.

So, keep scrolling ’cause we've rounded up seven different ways you can use your liquid eyeliner (and a video guide on how to use the Stamp liner) – black or brown, everyday or party, we've got it all here. Whether you're a beginner looking for an easy eyeliner or ready to flex your liner skills with next-level graphic designs, your options are limitless.

1. Classic winged eyeliner

When in doubt, go for a simple black wing like Sydney Sweeney's. The cat eye is arguably the most iconic eye look of all time.

Use the Master Stamp and Stroke eyeliner in black to draw two perfect wings on each eye. If you want a softer and more natural liner, try a brown liquid eyeliner, like Master Stamp and Stroke liner in brown.

If you on the other hand want to make your winged eyeliner a bit more festive, you can combine your winged eyeliner with glitter eyeshadow.

2. Graphic eyeliner

There are a few ways to recreate this graphic eyeliner trend, but one of the easiest is to use your Master Stamp and Stroke eyeliner to draw a classic wing, then use the felt tip to add another line above the crease.

Experiment with different shapes to switch it up. And if the line isn’t perfect, don’t stress—add some eyeshadow for a graphic touch.

3. Reverse Cat Eyes

To give your makeup look an especially dramatic, vixen-ish appeal, opt for a reverse cat eye. To recreate this bold look, your best bet will be to use a liquid eyeliner that glides smoothly.

These amazing reverse cat eyes are also a great way to spice up your everyday makeup look, just remember to keep the rest of your makeup neutral with a peachy lip gloss and natural brows.

4. Quick Flick

Searching for an everyday eye-makeup look? Look no further. This soft baby wing can be done in a few seconds. The key is not to be too precious about it: use Master Stamp and Stroke eyeliner in brown or a brown eyeliner pencil - quickly flick your pencil upward, following your bottom lash line, for an effortless wing.

5. In Between liner 

An easy way to incorporate color into an eye look? Sandwich bright color between two black swipes of eyeliner. Buff out the edges with a beige shadow for an effortless look.

If pink isn’t your favorite eyeshadow color, the cool liner effect gives you the perfect opportunity to experiment with different color combinations!

6. Flirty cat eyes 

This graphic take on black eyeliner (or even a smoky eye) really brings dimension to your eyes. To balance out the dramatic and bold eye makeup, keep the rest of your makeup clean and natural with just a light coat of mascara.

7. Subtle eyeliner

Looking for a natural eyeliner look without wings and dramatic lines? Then, perhaps, this classic eyeliner look is your favorite.

Luckily, the look is as easy and quick to recreate as it looks! Simply use the Master Stamp and Stroke liner's liquid felt tip to draw a thin line along the upper lash line.

The clean lines are also perfect to pair with beautiful false eyelashes if you wanna make your eyes pop – perfect for both a party or everyday makeup!

How to create a perfect eyeliner look with the Master Stamp and Stroke eyeliner

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