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Easy and scary Halloween Makeup Ideas for 2022

Easy and scary Halloween Makeup Ideas for 2022

If there’s one time of year where a dramatic and spooky makeup look is extra acceptable, it’s Halloween. Luckily, Halloween makeup doesn’t require a costume—just a few basic products and some patience, whether you’re trying a Halloween eye makeup look or a full Halloween makeup look.

And don’t worry about your makeup skills, because here at DUFFBEAUTY we’ve rounded up the seven best Halloween makeup looks and tutorials of 2022 that you easily can recreate at home – from known faces like Marilyn Monroe and Cruella de Vil to classic Halloween looks like witches and cats.

Ahead, you’ll find inspiration for the coolest, creepiest, and trendiest Halloween makeup ideas for your 2022 celebrations.

1. Marilyn Monroe Halloween makeup

You can definitely expect to see lots of recreations of Marilyn Monroe this Halloween in honor of the new film, Blonde, starring Ana De Armas.

Regardless of how you feel about the movie, it’s still an excuse to go full glam this October, with contour, red lipstick, winged eyeliner, neutral eyeshadow, and (of course) Marilyn’s iconic beauty mark.

2. Zombie Halloween makeup

If you have a contour palette laying around that you barely touch, now is the perfect chance to use it, as this zombie Halloween look is quite literally all about intense and dramatic shadows.

To pull this look off, start with a full-coverage foundation two to three shades lighter than your natural skin tone for that “dead” look, then go with a dark, cool-toned contour on your cheekbones, nose, and temples for a sunken-in effect.

If you wanna finish the look, like YouTuber Melissa Alatorre, you can also add a black smokey eye and red lipstick to mimic blood around the mouth.

3. Witch Halloween makeup

The ultimate classic for Halloween; a witch. We probably can't go through Halloween without a witch, and luckily the look is easier to recreate than it might seem like.

The basis of this witch Halloween look is a gray smokey eye with winged eyeliner and matte black lipstick. But you can amp it up like Maryam Maquillage and make the look a bit more spooky with a bit of green eyeshadow as blush, duo-chrome highlighter, and intense nose contour.

4. Easy Halloween eyeliner

If you wanna go for a low-key, easy, and festive look, try one of these five Halloween winged eyeliner tutorials. The key is to make sure you have a black felt-tip liquid eyeliner (like DUFFBEAUTY’s Master Stamp and Stroke Eyeliner) and white eyeliner on hand.

To make the sharp lines, it’s of course also a great idea to have a few essentials like makeup-remover soaked cotton swabs, concealer, and a brush.

5. Easy skeleton Halloween makeup

The best part of this Halloween skeleton makeup look is that it pairs well with literally any eye makeup you wear - whether that's a natural look, a soft-glam look, or, as seen here, a dark dramatic eye look. As long as you've got some black liquid liner to draw across your mouth and some dark eyeshadows to shade your cheeks, you'll be set!

6. Cruella de Vil Halloween makeup

Who is the most glamorous villain in Disney? Yup, Cruella de Vil. Get your friend to paint her face “white” with a light-shaded foundation, draw a sweet, triangular nose, and some black spots with liquid eyeliner, to make up the coolest Disney couple of the party. 

To create this Cruella de Vil Halloween look, pair a beautiful green eyeshadow with the iconic red lips. If you don't have a black-and-white wig at home, you can definitely complete this Halloween look with a complete black-and-white costume!

7. Easy cat Halloween makeup

Your animal ears you wear every year are fine and all, but what if you paired that with a matching, exaggerated cat eye, three whiskers, and a cute kitten nose, like this look here?

Lucy Oriole takes things up a few notches. She really masters the cat eye makeup, throws on a jet black lip, and even adds a few freckles into the mix – you’re definitely good to go with this cat Halloween makeup!



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