Makeup inspiration: Create a festive and Holiday makeup look for Christmas Eve


Christmas is just around the corner. There’re plenty of reasons to love the holidays, but especially here at DUFFBEAUTY, Christmas makeup tops the list!

December is full of Holiday parties, great events, and family time which all are a great excuse to level up your Holiday makeup look. Whatever occasion is planned in your calendar is a great excuse to finally add some false eyelashes, perfect winged eyeliner, and classic red colors back to your look to match up the magical Christmas spirit. Perhaps, you already found the perfect Christmas nails and want to get inspiration for a festive makeup for Christmas parties too? Then, you should definitely keep on scrolling!

And don’t worry, we got you covered up for this year’s easy and beautiful Holiday makeup look. Scroll on for the best Christmas makeup idea you'll want to recreate for this Holiday season!

A natural makeup base

Always start with your face makeup – Holiday or not. A natural makeup base sets the scene for any makeup look - and you can use several products depending on what you feel is needed.

Start by applying your usual face makeup such as foundation and concealer to cover up imperfections and dark circles. If you find that your skin gets greasy during the day, a good powder can help you with the t-zone. You can also choose to use powder instead of foundation if you don't like a full-coverage face makeup.

Use a bronzer to bring some warmth back to the face. Apply the bronzer to the apple of your cheeks and follow your jaw contour to sculpt your face to create a natural glowing finish.

Nilens Jord's silky bronzer gives a natural finish and a refreshing look – a perfect choice for a Holiday makeup look.

Natural, long eyelashes and perfect winged eyeliner

When it comes to your eyes, long natural lashes with a perfect winged eyeliner are the best way to glam up your Holiday makeup look.  

With DUFFBEAUTY's innovative Extended Lash Kits, you get long and natural-looking lashes in 10 minutes! By using the new Extended Lash Kits, you can create and design your own eyelash extensions look. The false eyelashes are in bouquets that you apply underneath your natural lashes. As the fake lashes are applied under your natural lashes, you’ll ALWAYS get a natural lash look, as the lash band isn’t visible when you blink or turn to the side!

And on top of that, you get perfect long eyelashes that last up to 7 days. Therefore, you can actually have long, voluminous lashes at Holiday parties AND on Christmas Eve (without worrying about your lashes during the days)!


Step 1 Start by selecting the false lashes from the kit that you wanna use for your look. Apply a thin layer of Bond to your natural eyelashes along the water line. You do so by stroking/dabbing slightly on the lashes – it’s important you don’t apply it like mascara. 

Step 2 Apply the fake lashes one by one under your natural lashes just above the root. Start from the outer edge of your eye and work towards the corner of the eye.

Tip! Hold the eyelash at the end, as this will make it easier to apply the lash onto your natural lashes.

Step 3 Gently press the lashes together with the Dual Lash Applicator, so that the fake lashes blend with your natural ones.

Step 4 Apply an even and thin layer of Seal along the lashes to seal and extend the durability for up to 7 days.

Just take a look here and learn how quickly and easily you can get long and natural eyelashes for Christmas Eve or Holiday parties.

Get more inspiration on how you can create your own, natural eyelash extensions look that can last up to 7 days here!

Once you’ve applied your false lashes, the finishing touch is the winged eyeliner to quickly upgrade your eye game. Creating a winged eyeliner look has never been easier with our Master Stamp & Stroke Eyeliner! The eyeliner is a unique 2-in-1 product as the dual-sided wing stamp pen and felt-tip liquid liner help create the perfect cat-eye every time. So, if you can’t find this eyeliner in your makeup bag yet, then you got something to wish for Christmas!

For a Holiday makeup look, you can go for either a black or brown Master Stamp & Stroke Eyeliner, depending on how natural you want your makeup to look (and of course to match up your outfit for Christmas Eve!).

And don’t worry, you’re just one click from getting our step-by-step guide to making an easy winged eyeliner.

Defined eyebrows

Defined and fluffy eyebrows are probably on the top list of your wishes for 2023. But luckily, you don't have to wait until Christmas Eve before making that wish come true! High Define Brow Pencil and High Define Brow Gel are the perfect combo to get beautiful brows while nourishing and stimulating hair growth.

Use the eyebrow pencil to fill in the brows. The brow pencil has an ultra-fine tip, which makes it easy to make precise hair-like strokes that define, shape, and fill in your brows. Then use the brush on the opposite end to blend and style the brow to create a defined look. 

After filling in your eyebrows with the High Define Brow Pencil, use the High Define Brow Gel to set the brows and add extra volume to the hairs. The brow gel is perfect for giving fullness, shape, and definition to the brows - and it actually tames the eyebrows with its nourishing ingredients, which give naturally fuller brows.

Kiss-proof red lips

Truly nothing says Christmas like bold red lips. However, remember before applying lipstick to make sure that your lips are soft and well-groomed, otherwise your red lipstick will call more attention to your dry flaky lips. Soft plumping lips are really a must - especially in the cold season.

The final step to recreate a Holiday or Christmas Eve makeup look is to apply this beautiful red lipstick by Yves Saint Laurent. The lipstick has a satin glossy finish that will make your lips kissable and ready for the mistletoe!

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