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Become your own lash artist: create your own natural eyelash look

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One of the wonderful things about beauty is that there’re so many ways to apply your makeup. Recently, one of the biggest makeup trends in the beauty world has been the 'under lash' method. The beauty trick has been all over TikTok and Instagram because of the innovative way of applying fake lashes – as you always get a seamless and natural lash look!

With the under lash technique, the false eyelashes are applied underneath your natural lashes (yes, that’s where the name come from). Therefore, the false lashes aren’t applied on top of your lashes, as you normally would. Using this trick, you’ll ALWAYS get a natural lash look, as the lash band isn’t visible when you blink or turn to the side. Not convinced yet? Keep reading!

With DUFFBEAUTY's new Extended Lash kits, you can become your own lash artist. With these false eyelashes, you can easily and quickly use the under lash method to create an eyelash look that looks natural.

Scroll to get inspired on how you can create your own, natural eyelash extensions look that can last up to 7 days! You also get our how-to videos, where the girls from DUFFBEAUTY in few seconds show how to use the false lashes in the Extended Lash kit to create a natural and easy lash look.

Become your own lash artist with Extended Lash Kit

Do you wanna try the under lash trend and create a personal eyelash extensions look at home? We’ve just launched the perfect fake lashes that make it easy for you to create your own personal and natural lash look.

With the Extended Lash kit, you get perfect eyelashes that last up to 7 days. While wearing the fake lashes, you can do everything you normally would (shower, sleep, take a run)! So, you get the experience of eyelash extensions without the hassle - as you design and create the eyelash look yourself! And on top of that, it only takes 10 minutes to create an eyelash extensions look!

The innovative Extended Lash Kits are fake lashes in bouquets that are applied under your natural lashes. Each Extended Lash kits contains 36 lash bouquets in three different lengths. With the different lengths, you can design your own, unique eyelash extension look that suits your taste!

Get long and natural lashes in 10 minutes

Extended Lash Kits are a great alternative if you’re usually getting your eyelash extensions done by a professional (and wanna safe time and money), or if you just want eyelashes that are long, voluminous, and look natural.

The eyelash collection is available in two styles. Extended Lash V1  are false lashes that give a dramatic and intense look with lots of volume. If, on the other hand, you want long eyelashes, Extended Lash C1 is your perfect match! 

As the eyelash bouquets have an invisible lash band, you’re always guaranteed a natural lash look! And it gets even better, as the fake lashes are reusable, so you can use the fake lashes again and again – especially great news if you wanna experience with a different look every week!

Not convinced yet that you can create an easy and natural eyelash extension look in 10 minutes? Watch how easily Nadia designs her own fake lash look in seconds below!

How to design your own natural eyelash extension look

Step 1 Start by selecting the false lashes from the kit that you wanna use for your look. Apply a thin layer of Bond to your natural eyelashes along the water line. You do so by stroking/dabbing slightly on the lashes – it’s important you don’t apply it like mascara.

Step 2 Apply the fake lashes one by one under your natural lashes just above the root. Start from the outer edge of your eye and work towards the corner of the eye.

Tip! Hold the eyelash at the end, as this will make it easier to apply the lash onto your natural lashes. 

Step 3 Gently press the lashes together with the Dual Lash Applicator, so that the fake lashes blend with your natural ones.

Step 4 Apply an even and thin layer of Seal along the lashes to seal and extend the durability for up to 7 days.

And that’s it! You got the most beautiful eyelash extensions look in 10 minutes!

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