Press-on nails

How to get the most out of your press-on nails


Press-on nails are affordable, fashionable, and easy to apply. Although many of us love the easy way of getting a salon-looking manicure in minutes, very few of us actually know how to get the most out of the beautiful press-on nails. While press-on nails are highly affordable, you don’t want to feel embarrassed when one of your nails suddenly falls off in public. Luckily, by following these few tips and tricks you can keep your nails looking their best for days! Here is how you can make your press-on nails last up to 10 days – keep scrolling, the simplest tricks often make the greatest impact!

Most people that use press-on nails don’t set foot in a nail salon for months. And there’s a reason for that, because with reusable press-on nails that last for days, you don’t have to spend money or time at the salon. We’re here to bring you great news, as it isn’t difficult, time consuming, or require specific skills to make your falsies last longer. Depending on how fast your natural nails grow and the kind of tasks and tricks you do, a complete mani set can last you up to 10 days.  

1. Prep your nails

Before doing your mani, always remember to prep your natural nails. Use rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover to make sure there’s no residual natural oil or nail polish on your nails. Even the smallest amount of oil, dirt or nail polish will reduce the durability of the press-on nails. You can read more about how to prep and care for your nails here.

2. Avoid water the first few hours

Once you’ve applied your press-on nails, you should avoid water for at least 2-3 hours after the application. Wait for a few hours for the glue to completely dry before you get your hands wet.  Water and soap can break down the glue, so that your nails fall off sooner than you’d like. Therefore, avoid contact with water if you wanna get the best out of your false nails.

We recommend that you take some time to schedule your mani, so you can do your nails at night, before going to bed. That way, the glue will dry overnight, giving you a longer, lasting result.

Another great tip if you wanna protect your press ons even further, is to use hand sanitizer, if possible, instead of washing your hands, and use gloves when doing the dishes.

3. Use the included glue

The quality of your nail glue matters when it comes to the durability. Our manicure set contains everything you need to make a salon-looking mani easily and quickly at home. Therefore, if you’re using DUFF press-on nails, you’ll get an included glue, which is specially designed to be gentle to your falsies as well as natural nails - likewise, the glue is long-lasting, so you should avoid using another nail glue when applying DUFF press-on nails.  

The nail glue is small and neat - therefore it’s perfect to take on the go, in case one of your nails suddenly decides to fall off during the day. Always carry the nail glue in your bag!

Click here to get inspired of how to apply DUFF press-on nails in minutes.  

4. Apply top coat

It’s always a good idea massaging a cuticle oil into the fingers as it gives healthier nails. Healthy and strong nails act as a good canvas for false nails. If your nails are less likely to crack and flake, your press-on nails will stick better and last longer.

A good top coat does wonders as well. A topcoat will besides giving your nails a shiny and professional salon finish, also help your natural nail and your falsie to stick better. Top coats help harden the nail surfaces, which makes them much more durable and flawless!

5. Customize the length of the press-on nails

Beautiful, long nails are always a fashionable, feminine choice. But even though we love the long nail look, it’s unfortunately also the the long press-on nails that finds it easier to fall off. Our nail collection is inspired by the biggest, timeless nail trends, where you can choose between six different nail designs and four different shapes and lengths. That way, you can choose just the salon-looking mani that flatters you.

The uniqueness of our press-on nails is that you can create and customize the nail look you want, as you can file the press-on nail to match your desired shape and length. Therefore, if you wanna make sure that your nails last longer, you can always file the press-on nails a bit shorter.

6. Avoid chlorine

Chlorine softens and discolors false nails – that’s why you should avoid taking a swim in the pool. However, if you’re already looking forward to a planned holidays by the pool, you can protect your press-on nails by applying a top coat as an extra protective layer.

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