How to keep your natural lashes long, luscious, and healthy


Long, natural eyelashes are something most of us dream of waking up to. Long eyelashes highlight the eyes beautifully and make them appear bigger. Beyond enhancing the appearance of eyelashes with mascara, many of us often don't really think about their general health. But we should. Lashes help protect our eyes from foreign objects and dirt - plus when they look good, we look good!

Especially the weather and makeup can damage your natural lashes. Luckily, there’re great advice to write down, if you dream of getting longer, healthier, and fuller lashes. We’ve gathered a few easy tips on how to care for your natural lashes at home – so keep on scrolling!

1. Avoid waterproof mascara

Although a waterproof mascara can work wonders on a rainy day, it’s far from healthy for your natural lashes. In general, your lashes find it easier to fall off and break when you’re using too much or heavy makeup. Something that definitely damages the lashes and hair follicles is poor-quality makeup and waterproof mascara. Generally speaking, mascara isn’t bad for the eyes, however, waterproof mascara is designed to not come off, which can lead to breakage or lashes falling out more than they should.

A great piece of advice is to skip the waterproof mascara on days when it’s not extremely necessary and instead use a long-lasting mascara.

2. Choose a mascara with nourishing ingredients

If you experience an excessive loss of lashes or breakage, it may be because your lashes don’t get the right care and moisture. It’s therefore a good idea to replace your daily mascara or waterproof mascara with a mascara that contains nourishing ingredients so that you prevent the lashes from drying out, breaking, or falling off. Basically, lashes are part of the same miraculous system that our hair, skin, and nails belong to, so they're worthy of the same sort of care and attention – especially if you want them to remain strong and healthy.

There're many active substances and vitamins that affect the growth and strength of lashes, which make the lashes grow faster, healthier, and thicker. You may even find that more lashes grow that gives a fuller and a more voluminous lash look - that's why you always should get familiar with the ingredient list if you're going for a nourishing mascara or a lash serum! 

Our Supreme Lash Mascara is enriched with six key ingredients and bioactive peptides that reduce the chance of lash loss and increase the growth of healthy lashes. The mascara contains bioactive peptides such as Biotinoyl tripeptide-1, which is a substance that effectively promotes the lash growth. Biotinoyl tripeptide-1 stimulates the lash growth so that more lashes grow out and makes the lashes grow significantly faster, and thereby giving fuller and longer lashes. 

Vitamins have also been scientifically proven to have a strengthening and nurturing effect on the lashes and hair follicles. Supreme Lash Mascara is therefore enriched with nourishing vitamins and natural antioxidants such as Biotin, Silica, Vitamin E, and Cactus oil, which care, strengthen, and repair the lashes.

The mascara works as a lash serum that keeps the lashes and hair follicles healthy and strong - so it’s perfect for creating a long-term result and an instant styling. You can read more about our Supreme Lash Mascara and its nourishing ingredients here.

3. Remove makeup every day

If you wanna grow long and voluminous lashes, one of the easiest and most important steps you can do is to remove your makeup and cleanse all the products from the lashes before going to bed every night. At night, the skin and hair regenerate and repair themselves - therefore you should remove makeup and dirt so that the skin and lashes can breathe and do their work. Likewise, proper makeup removal is a must. Use an eye makeup remover on a cotton pad to prevent broken lashes and irritation, rather than your regular facial cleanser or a makeup wipe.

One of the biggest mistakes that many people make is being too aggressive when cleansing off mascara. Excessive and aggressive rubbing of the eyes damages both the lashes and the hair follicles, which leads to lash loss. It’s therefore not only important that you remove the eye makeup with the right products, but also that you remove the makeup carefully.

Soak a cotton pad in an eye makeup remover and then hold on to the eye for 10-15 seconds. This allows the formula to gently break up the mascara, so that when you wipe the pad away it gently lifts the mascara away with it and doesn’t pull off any delicate lashes. Don’t be tempted to pull, rub, or pick any remaining mascara as this will undoubtedly break or pull your lashes out!

Bonus tip: Buy a sleep mask! When you sleep, you can rub your lashes against the pillow – a sleep mask will protect the lashes at night and prevent lash loss.

4. Avoid poor-quality eyelash glue

It’s not the false eyelashes that damage your natural lashes. Instead, it’s the lash glue you use for the application. The quality of your lash glue matters, as a poor-quality glue dries out the skin around the eyes and damages the lashes.

If you’re using our falsies, we highly recommend that you use our eyelash glue too, as it’s specially developed to be gentle towards your falsies and natural lashes. Likewise, the glue is long-lasting and easy to remove after use, so you should definitely avoid using other lash glues.

5. Use eyelash serum

On days when you choose to use mascara or false lashes, you should add a lot of moisture and care, especially in the evening, after removing the makeup. When you use makeup, your lashes and the skin around the eyes need extra care, as the eye makeup makes the lashes dry out and easier to break off. Even if you aren't using makeup on a daily basis, it's always recommended to care for the lashes with an eyelash serum.

After removing your makeup, you should apply an eyelash serum and an eye cream, which can add a lot of moisture and nourish the lashes and skin overnight.
Eyelash serums contain various substances and ingredients, as some contain vitamins, while others contain both vitamins and active growth substances such as peptides. Therefore, when choosing a serum, you should look at the ingredient list so that you choose the one that suits you best. As a rule of thumb, vitamins will have a nurturing and strengthening effect on the lashes, whereas active growth substances will promote the lash growth and give fuller lashes.

Use an eyelash serum daily, as it'll make you and your lashes happy! If you aren't using Supreme Lash Mascara before applying falsies, you can even apply the serum while using false lashes to give your natural lashes an extra lash-boost and care.

Bonus tip: Just like you care for your hair, basic tips like gently cleansing and brushing your lashes daily can work wonders. Using an eyelash comb every day will help to remove dirt and debris from the lashes, keeping the follicles unclogged, and help the lashes to grow in the right direction.

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