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At-home manicure guide: How to prep and care for your nails

At-home manicure guide: How to prep and care for your nails
Life is plenty busy as it is, which means that we don’t always have ample time to make it to the nail salon each week. And to be honest, with these tips and steps you don’t even need to go to a nail salon to get beautiful, healthy, and well-groomed nails - just keep them looking clean and sharp by following these easy steps. So, read on if you wanna learn how to achieve a salon-perfect mani at home, and to get some tips on how to prep and care for your nails.

1. Remove nail polish

If you have nail polish or remains of nail polish on, it’s a good idea to start by removing it with a nail polish remover before you start. Wash your hands after removing the nail polish to remove any leftovers from the cotton pads and acetone.

2. Soak and exfoliate

You can skip this step if you want to use press-on nails, as your nails must be completely dry and free of oils. Otherwise, you can do this step the day before you want to apply the press-on mani.

However, if you wanna use nail polish, or just care for the nails, it’s important to keep them moist. Nails are drying out just like hair - which is why your nails and hands need care. Fill a small bowl with warm water and soak each hand for a few minutes. It helps to soften the nail beds and make clipping and filing easier, as well as making it easier to push back the cuticle. Then exfoliate with a hand scrub to remove dead skin and to help smooth the skin. You can finish off by applying hand cream to provide extra care.

3. File your nails

After you’ve exfoliated and removed the nail polish, it’ll be easier to file the nails in the desired shape and length. Sawing the nails back and forth with a file is a recipe for disaster, namely jagged tips that are more susceptible to peeling and breaking. Instead, drag the file smoothly in one direction at a time rather than with a back and forth motion. File from one side, then the other, until the nails are smooth. 

4. Buf your nails

Not only does a good nail buffing help to polish the surface of the nail for a better look, but it’ll also help to flatten out and smooth over any dents or divots in the nail, as well as clean off any texture. Use it on the tips of the nails, too, to finish off your filing job.

This step is especially important if you want to use press-on nails, as you ensure that the glue will spread evenly on the surface, which will make the false nails stay longer. Do you only wish to apply nail polish, then a buffer is perfect to give a bit of shine and evenness so that they look well-groomed and neat.

If you got a buffer with multiple sides, use the rough side first, and then finish off with the finer side to get a smooth look. Remember to remove dust and oil residues on the surface of the nails with a nail polish remover, or by washing your hands before coating the nails or applying press-on nails.

5. Remove or push back cuticles

Whether you want to apply nail polish or use press-on manis, you always achieve the most beautiful result by either removing or pushing back your cuticles. You can use a cuticle pusher to push the cuticles back, which may help your nails appear longer. Remember to use the pointed end of the cuticle pusher.

If you don’t have a cuticle pusher, you can also use a cuticle cutter or cuticle knife to remove them completely. A cuticle cutter or cuticle knife will remove the hard and loose skin, which will make the nails look longer and more well-groomed.

6. Apply press-on nails or nail polish

After going through the entire manicure routine, you’ve finally made it to the fun part – which of course is to apply colorful nail polish, gorgeous nail designs, or salon-looking press-on nails. Your nails are groomed and prepped for any desired manicure! 

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