7 Natural Nail Designs for the Manicure Minimalist


Are you looking for inspiration for a natural nail look? Then you have come to the right place. When it comes to creating a natural look, there’s a golden rule for things like makeup and nail polish; less is more. You don’t always need a bold and bright nail polish to make a statement. In fact, sometimes the lightest of colors can make the best and biggest impressions.

“Neutral” is not synonymous with beige. Neutral nail designs don’t mean it has to be boring or any less beautiful, as you like any other looks can experiment with different tones and designs. And that’s why we’re here to convince you! So, read on to get 7 perfect ideas for neutral nail designs (and neutral press on nails that can give you an easier way to recreate the looks) which are worth trying for your next manicure.

1. Creamy Swirls

We’re suckers for swirls, regardless of the color palette. This neutral nail art is a playful, abstract version of the classic French manicure (even better, it’s giving us delicious marshmallow vibes).

With a sheer neutral base and a hint of white, this neutral nail art proves that natural nails can be playful, too. And, given the minimalist appeal of this mani, it’s easy to recreate—even without a professional nail artist by your side.


If you aren’t a pro at nail art, don’t worry! Because with DUFFBEAUTY’s press on nails you can easily recreate this creamy swirly look. Milky Swirl and Cappuccino Swirl are some of our neutral press on nails, which give you the perfect opportunity to recreate the beautiful nail art – and the false nails are easy and quick to apply, even for beginners!

2. Dreamy Neutral Nails

How dreamy are these sheer beige cloud nails? This manicure is both stylish and more on the neutral palette side with subtle hints of light pink polish. A perfect way to create a statement look with stunning details.

3. Accented French Tips

Another neutral nail design idea is to round out your classic French mani tip and double it. On oval-shaped nails, this nail art looks especially elegant with a slight touch of glitter (which btw is one of the season's hottest nail trends).

Adding glitter or white details is a great way to jazz up a neutral nail look subtly. Here, DUFFBEAUTY’s Double French press on nails does the trick (and yes, false nails can do a perfect job at creating a neutral look too).

4. Neutral Abstract

Bronzy tones are also in the neutral nail art department. Try accenting your manicure with a rich brown and golden tones for a pop of color - and the abstract pattern leaves room for creativity and a personal touch!

5. Neutral Shimmer Nails

Love the look of neutral nails but prefer a bit more sparkle? Check out this shimmery, pearly light pink rendition.

There’s no doubt that shimmer and glazed nails are gonna be everywhere on your Instagram feed, as the look is one of this season’s biggest nail trends!

6. Creamy Pink

Two words to describe this manicure; elegant and feminine. A classic creamy pink is the perfect neutral for everyday wear. It's suitable for the office, date nights, and formal events.

The beautiful pink nails come in a variety of looks, which give you the perfect opportunity to experiment with different tones. For example, you can easily and quickly do your nails with our Ballerina press on nails, which have a beautiful and feminine design.

7. Inverted French Manicure

Who knew fine-lined inverted arches could make such an impact on a neutral nail look? This manicure pops with a touch of pale orange – a fun and playful twist to the classic French manicure.

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