Fall 2022 Makeup Trends


If the changing weather has you itching to play with some fall makeup looks, you're in the right place. 

This season's trends are all about having fun with makeup, whether that means ditching your cat-eye for a few crystal decals, bleaching your brows, or swapping your tinted lip gloss for a bold stain. Whatever makeup vibe you're feeling for fall 2022, there's a trend (or two) sure to inspire you.

To get the full rundown on the makeup looks you'll see all over Instagram and TikTok this fall, you must keep scrolling. Ahead, you’ll find seven of the hottest makeup trends for fall 2022.  

1.Blurred lips

A bold matte lip will never go out of style, but some days call for a low-maintenance and effortless pop of color. Enter blurred lips for a fresh and easy lip look.

Following the summer sunburnt blush contouring trend, this season will be full of pigmented lips that are low maintenance and easy to blend – as this lip trend gives the same fresh, colorful effect (and yes, it’s as easy to recreate as it seems).

2. Gemstone Eyes

After trending during the first half of the year, crystal decals, body glitter, and metallic makeup are still as popular as ever. That's right—everything you wore to your school disco is back, both on the incredible runways and TikTok.

If you're not into body glitter, you can try out this look with a metallic or glittery eye makeup that definitely gonna set the mood for any party this fall! It’s certainly a daring trend, but a great way to add extra glam to your look.

3. Vinyl Lips

Think lips so shiny, you can see your reflection in them. At DUFF we’re totally in love with this bold, shiny red lip, as it's so easy to cater to your personal style since you can wear it in very different ways.

This season, we'll see more gradient lip glosses with brighter red in the center and darker on the outside, like trendsetter Gigi Hadid wore to the Met Gala 2022.

4. Underpainting / Blush strobing

For a true, natural flush and lit-from-within glow, try underpainting or blush strobing. This trend gives your makeup routine a twist that you might never have thought of before.

It's the application technique of using products like cream bronzer and blush under your foundation, which helps to create a seamless and more natural-looking blend. Since cream formulas are used, you'll get a dewier finish and better application of wet-look highlighters. A stunning result, that’s definitely worth trying!

5. Bleached Brows

There's something cool and interesting that happens to the eye when you get rid of the brows – you have the opportunity to really get creative with eyeshadow since you have more space to play with.

Bleached brows have been on everyone’s lips since Kim K got her brows bleached – so there’s no doubt that the trend is still seen on celebrities on the runway and on Instagram this fall too. Take Lizzo's bleached brows and orange smoky eye, for example.

6. Feral Brows

Perfectly groomed brows have been trending for quite some time – whether we’re talking brow lamination or fluffy brows, these brows have been spotted everywhere on the streets. Maintaining these brows — whether it be by waxing, tweezing, or getting treatments like lamination — is basically a part-time job. Thankfully, low-maintenance brows are making a comeback.

Feral brows are effortless, fuller brows that will be trending for fall (and as great news, they require 0 effort, compared to the other brow trends).

The idea is to use a brow brush and a brow gel to create definition and flick the brows out to give an airy, lightweight look that still looks full. With High Define Brow Gel you can easily recreate feral brows!

7. Fluttery Lashes

No matter how great your mascara is, sometimes a false lash is the difference between long eyelashes and va-va-voom eyelashes. The looks on the models at the Brandon Maxwell fall/winter 2022 show were definitely the latter – gorgeous, voluminous, and stunning falsies.  

Haven’t you got the perfect pair of false lashes, we offer a wide range of lashes for every taste and occasion. And if you're not a pro at applying falsies, you should definitely check out our guide.

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