Strip lashes

Here are different ways to use and apply your false eyelashes


One of the wonderful things about beauty is that there’re so many ways to apply your makeup, and, with social media, tips and tricks spread farther and faster than ever before. Recently, false eyelashes have been a popular topic. But as much as we talk about the best false eyelashes for this occasion or that, likewise more professional makeup artists and self-taught beauty enthusiasts have started experimenting with ways to use false lashes. 

So, the question that you might wonder is: Can I use my false eyelashes in different ways? And the answer to that question is simple yet exciting - YES. 

Although a full strip lash look is beautiful, you should at least have a look here if you wanna experiment with both the lash application and lash looks – ‘cause with a pair of false lashes, you can create five significantly different looks. Keep scrolling for the greatest inspiration to spice up your usual lash look.

1. Full strip lashes

Full strip lashes are definitely the most common look that many of us go for when applying falsies. A full lash look is where you use the entire lash but adjust the lash band to your eyes before applying them. Although you might already be familiar with the look (but perhaps wish for great tips and tricks), you should take a look at our step-by-step guide on how to apply your lashes quickly and easily.

Strip lashes add volume, length, and create the exact look that the lashes are designed for. Depending on your wishes and style, you can choose a lash design that matches your preferences. Our wide range of high-quality and user-friendly strip lashes range from natural to medium and full glam. And yes, before experimenting with different ways to use and apply falsies, you’ve to choose a pair that you want to try out. That's why we’ve gathered a short eyelash guide here.

If you dream of a more classic look on your lashes, then our Classic Collection has our most classic lash designs that are inspired by timeless trends. If, on the other hand, you want a more natural lash design, then our Premium 3D Collection has a variety of fuller, whisper, and natural lashes that are designed to mimic the look of natural eyelashes, as the lashes are laid crosswise and have a natural curl.

The Nude Lash Collection is a perfect choice if you want to achieve a natural look while cutting a step in the lash application. Nude Lash Collection offers unique features that definitely will make your makeup a bit easier – especially if you’re a lash newbie. Besides being as comfortable and simple to apply as our other lashes, this collection makes the natural lash effect more convenient, as you don’t have to measure or trim the lashes with scissors so that the length of the band suits your eyes – we’ve already done the work for you. Just glue and the strip lashes are ready to apply.

2. Half cut lashes

Half cut lashes are exactly what they sound like. These falsies are half the size of regular strip false lashes, and you apply them in the outer corners of your eyes. Half lashes add volume and enhance the look of your natural lashes giving you an elegant cat-eye effect. It’s easy to make half lashes out of full-sized falsies, and DUFFBEAUTY is here to show you how. 

Set yourself up for success by choosing the pair of lashes that will suit your needs. Fuller, more voluminous falsies will become dramatic half cut lashes, while sparser false lashes with a subtle volume and length will translate to a more natural-looking lash effect.

Once you’ve chosen the right false lashes, measure them against your eye to decide where you’ll need to cut them. Start slow—you can always cut your false lashes shorter, but you can’t replace lost length. After cutting your lashes, measure them against your eye again to ensure they aren’t too short.

An important tip is to make sure to cut the end of the lash band so that you place the inner corner in the middle of your lash line and cut off the outer corner. This will ensure that the lashes gradually blend into your natural lashes. After you’ve cut your lashes to the desired length, simply apply them as you normally would with eyelash glue.

If you wanna add a bit of glam to your look, our Monroe lashes are perfect for creating a sophisticated and elegant half cut lash look for an evening makeup. If you perhaps wanna try out the technique in your everyday makeup routine, the Short & Sweet lashes will give the illusion of voluminous, natural lashes.

3. DIY individual lashes

Individual lashes are great if you’re looking for a more natural look, don’t like the thickness of false eyelashes, or the black lash band showing. And with a pair of scissors, you can actually turn your fake lashes into individual lashes - a great way to get creative and make your very own unique lash style.

However, applying individual false eyelashes is much more time-consuming compared to a regular pair of strip lashes. This is because you have to apply each little lash cluster one at a time.

What you need is a pair of scissors and the pair of false lashes that you want to turn into individual lashes. We highly recommend using 3D lashes, as our Premium 3D Collection or Nude Lash Collection, as they give a much better outcome. 3D lashes are designed to mimic the growth of natural lashes giving a more natural-looking effect.

You should choose a pair that suits the look you’re going for. For example, if you’re wanting a more dramatic look, select a pair that are full and lengthy, like Red Carpet. If you’re opting for a more natural look then go for a pair with more gaps between the lashes with a shorter length. 

Grab your scissors and decide how many lash clusters you want. We recommend cutting your lash up into around 6 – 8 pieces, as more pieces create a more natural look. Once you've cut your lashes, apply each individual lash cluster by using lash glue as you would with strip lashes.

A great piece of advice is to apply the shorter clusters of lashes in the inner part of the eye, and the longer lashes towards the outer edge of the eye, so you get a seamless, natural blending.

4. ‘Under lash’ technique

Instead of applying your falsies on top of the lash line, you cut the strip into smaller clusters (just like the individual lashes) and apply them underneath your lashes (yes, that’s where the name come from). The seemingly new technique has been everywhere from Instagram to TikTok and has become one of the biggest beauty tricks when it comes to creating a more playful, 'doll-like' look.

If you wanna give this slightly more daring technique a try, we recommend using a short lash with a natural volume, like our Short & Sweet.


A completely different way to change your whole look (and actually make your lash application easier at the same time) is by using a glue liner instead of regular lash glue. Our Perfect Lash Adhesive Liner is an innovative eyeliner and lash glue that has a felt tip that creates a perfectly sharp and durable line. By using the glue liner, you can simply create a light eyeliner look by drawing a line on the lash line, while at the same time applying your lashes straight on top of the liner. Or you can use the glue liner to create a more elegant and dramatic look by drawing a winged eyeliner.

A glue liner is a fun twist to your usual lash application with eyelash glue, as it allows you to experiment with different looks – while making the application much easier, especially if you love the combination of strip lashes and eyeliner.

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