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Why you should wear false lashes for your wedding


Everything needs to be perfect on your wedding day - including your makeup and the false lashes you choose to wear! But how do you achieve the perfect eye-centric look that opens up your beautiful peepers and can withstand tears from day to night? There are so many options on the market from lash extensions to volumizing mascaras to false lashes. However, finding a lash look that suits your preferences and style is not quite easy. At DUFFBEAUTY, we know how to create comfortable, durable lashes that suit everyone's big day - regardless of style! That's why we've made this guide with our best advice (and lash guide) for you if you’re considering false lashes for your wedding.

What are the benefits of wearing false eyelashes on your wedding day?

Finding the perfect wedding dress is a top priority for any bride, but so is nailing the perfect makeup and hair on the day-of. Bridal makeup is not something you just choose on the big day, you need to carefully consider (and do your fair share of research for) as your makeup needs to stay on from dusk till dawn, all while looking beautiful in photos to highlight your happy new-wifey face.

Many brides want a natural eye makeup look while making the eyes pop and shimmer. Applying false lashes can help achieve this look quickly by adding extra oomph to the lash line. False lashes are perfect to add length and volume to natural lashes which mascara can’t do on its own, unless you want a very subtle and light look. Even then, if you want a subtle no-makeup makeup look, individual lashes could be a safe choice - giving you a light, wispy flair that is accentuated in photos but still looks natural. However, individual lashes can be trickier to apply (compared to strip lashes) and can easily fall off if not adhered properly to the lash line.

However, a full false lash effect is the most common choice by many brides, as a full lash look adds length, frames the eyes, and creates intensity in your look that mascara or individual lashes can’t do alone. With DUFFBEAUTY's lashes, you can create a natural look that lasts all day and night. If you don’t want a full lash look, you can create a natural lash effect by using the ‘half cut lash’ technique, where the focus is on the outer edge of the eye. To recreate this look, you just need a pair of false eyelashes and eyelash scissors to cut the lashes in half and apply them to the outer edge of the lash line. The technique creates a flirty, subtle cat-eye look compared to a full lash look.

Our lashes in the Premium 3D Collection will work perfectly if you wanna do the half cut lash look. The lashes are made of a unique, lightweight, and flexible cotton-tread band that ensures an easy application and all-day comfortable wear. Likewise, the 3D technology in the lash designs gives a natural lash effect, as the lashes mimic the way natural lashes look and grow.

Do you want to create a natural bronzy bridal makeup? Click here to get inspired by our step-by-step guide.

Create a natural lash look with DUFFBEAUTY lash collections

False eyelashes undoubtedly add definition to any look, therefore making your eyes stand out, giving you that extra boost of confidence - which is typically needed throughout high-energy, stress-filled, life-altering moments like your wedding day. If you need even more of a confidence boost, you can definitely go for a more dramatic, full lash style. Strip lashes are easier to apply (especially if you’re a newbie) and more compelling, you can choose from a wide range of styles to suit your vibe!

Our wide range of quality and user-friendly strip lashes ranges from natural to medium and full glam. However, it can be difficult to find the perfect false lash - that's why we're here to guide you. If you dream of a more classic look on your lashes, then our Classic Collection has our most classic lash designs that are inspired by timeless trends. If, on the other hand, you want a more natural lash design for your bridal makeup, then our Premium 3D Collection has a variety of fuller, whisper, and natural lashes that are designed to mimic the look of natural eyelashes, as the lashes are laid crosswise and have a natural curl.

The Nude Lash Collection is a perfect choice if you want to achieve a natural look while cutting a step in the lash application. Nude Lash Collection offers unique features that definitely will make your bridal makeup a bit easier – especially if you’re a newbie or wanna do your bridal makeup yourself. Besides being as comfortable and simple to apply as our other lashes, this collection makes the natural lash effect more convenient, as you don’t have to measure or trim the lashes with scissors so that the length of the band suits your eyes – we’ve already done the work for you! Just glue and you’re ready for your big wedding day.

Which false lash style should you choose depending on your personal preference?

Natural, easy, and carefree: Just A Hint

Glam to the bride: Trophy Wife

Glamorous with a classic touch: Red Carpet

Make your dreams come true: Goal Digger

Innocent with a playful flair: Twiggy

Chic and sophisticated: No Drama

Sexy, flirty, and everything in between: Monroe

Steal the spotlight: Viva Glam


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