Summer 2022 nail trends your mani needs right now


Summer 2022 is officially here! And whenever a new season begins, it feels like the perfect excuse to test out a hot nail trend and experiment with bold new nail arts. 

So, in addition to practicing this year’s summer makeup trends, you’re also going to want to take a peek at the newest summer nail trends for 2022. Because if you like to refresh your manicure color collection as the seasons change, summer is one of the best times to make the switch, 'cause it'll just get you more excited for warmer days ahead.

Feel free to get your most colorful nail polishes ready, 'cause you’re definitely gonna get inspired by these summery nail trends and ideas that you’re gonna want to screenshot right now for your next manicure.

Minimalist Nail Art

This minimalist nail art has made its breakthrough as it’s easy to create and the flowers can be done in all the colors of the rainbow. This is great news if you wanna add a personal and colorful touch to your look and match your mani with your outfit.

Not skilled enough for detailed nail art? Just dot a few little flowers at a different spot on each nail with a nail dotting tool, a toothpick, or a bobby pin. And if even that is too much, just grab a pack of beautiful nail stickers that require exactly zero artistic talent.

Wavy Nails

Waves and squiggles are truly everywhere right now. And your nails are the perfect way to tap into the trend. Grab a small nail-art brush and five of your favorite nail polish colors (the brighter, the better), and carefully paint a wavy line down the center of your nail. The only limit is your imagination, as you can play around with colors and different shapes of the waves. Finish the look by applying a top coat to get a nice shine, and to prevent your nails from cracking and peeling earlier than you expected.

The beautiful wavy nail art comes in a variety of looks, which give you the perfect opportunity to experiment with both shapes and colors. If you aren’t perfectly set with the required pro skill, you can take the easy (but also stunning) way out with DUFFBEAUTY press on nails. Golden Peach is inspired by this summer nail trend, so you can quickly and easily get a professional summer manicure in minutes at home!

Marble art

There are a couple of ways to recreate the marble nail trend this summer. The first way is by dripping dots of nail polish on your nail and swirling them around with a toothpick or bobby pin, and the second is the water marble nail method using water, nail polish, and a ton of patience. It's messy, but worth it for the seamless marbled result – that will give you a flawless glam summer vibe.

Hot pink

Hot pink is the official color of summer 2022, whether you want it on your nails or hanging in your wardrobe. The key to recreating this manicure: Cuticle oil to keep your cuticles from looking dry, and a high-shine glossy top coat (and the obvious one, a hot pink nail polish).

You can also easily recreate this summery nail trend with our Wild Berry press on nails, which is inspired by the hottest color of this summer.

Neon and bold

This pink and orange neon combo makes us think of everything that involves summer – popsicles, cocktails, and pool parties - which is probs why it's trending for summer 2022. This trend is totally doable at home if you like to DIY your nails. Pro tip: Grab some nail tape to create the crisp and sharp lines across the middle nail. It will make the work much easier!

Modern French Mani

The French manicure has made its comeback over several seasons, however, the timeless nail art has been twisted in several modern ways - both in shapes, colors, and patterns. Instead of painting the white stripe straight across (like a classic French mani, just like our Modern French press ons), start from the sides of each nail and paint towards the tip, creating this crisp white v-shape. Gorgeous and classy.

You can also get a modern twist on the classic French mani with our take on the nail art, as both Double French and On The Edge gives you French vibes with elegant twists.


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