Summer 2022 makeup trends

Great news for all of you people who love summer! Warm days are coming, and they're ushering in a ton of beautiful new summer 2022 makeup trends that'll have you looking forward to a heatwave. This summer's vibe is all about smudged eyeliner, bright neons, and copper colors that will be all over Instagram and TikTok in a few weeks.

Ready for the inspo? Keep scrolling for nine of the prettiest summer makeup trends that we’ve gathered just for you.

1. Smudged Eyeliner

Do you want a smokey eye but don't want to deal with blending out black eyeshadow? Then you should definitely give this new twist of the classic eye look a try. Smudged eyeliner is one of the hottest trends this summer, which is way easier to create than a smokey eye since imperfection is part of the look. You'll need your regular black eyeliner (a crayon or pencil will be easiest to smudge), and a short, dense eyeshadow brush to blur and soften the lines.


2. Golden eyeshadow

The most glamorous makeup trend for summer 2022 is gold eyeshadow. There’s nothing that will make you feel ready for the summer parties like a super-pigmented golden eyeshadow, voluminous lashes, and heavy, smudged eyeliner. Try it out!

3. Nude lip liners

Tap into some '90s nostalgia this summer with some nude lip liner. This lip liner look has made its comeback – how cute would this be with a summer tan?

What you'll need: Your favorite neutral matte lip, a lip liner that's one to two shades darker, and a clear lip gloss. Start with the liner, then fill in your lips with the matte lipstick, rub your lips together to blend, and top off the look with some glossy shine.

4. Bright Eyeshadow

Is a change in seasons your favorite excuse to experiment with colorful makeup looks? Then this trend is what you’ve been waiting for!

Summer is all about bright colors and contrast, which is exactly what’s happening in Kylie Jenner's bright yellow and neon-pink eye makeup. How can you recreate the look? Blend yellow eyeshadow across your lid and up your brow bones, then draw pink eyeliner across your lash line, or sweep on a hot-pink eyeshadow with a precision eyeshadow brush for a more diffused finish.

This trend is certainly daring, but also a super nice way to add a colorful and playful touch to the summer makeup!

5. Colored eyeliner

If bright eyeshadow's not really your thing, but you still want to get in on the fun, opt for a colored eyeliner along your lower lashes. It might seem like a big step, but all it takes is a swipe under your bottom lashes to give your look a ton of personality. And don’t worry – you can do whatever color you wish to complete your makeup look, but try to keep the lips nude to balance out the look.

6. Floating Eyeliner

This summer makeup trend might take a few practice runs to get the hang of (it’s basically a more challenging version of winged eyeliner), but if you’re a real pro at doing your winged liner, then this trend is really worth trying! Just grab a felt-tipped liquid eyeliner or marker to draw the lines – using these liners make it way easier and give a cleaner result.

7. The copper trend

This summer, you'll definitely fall head over heels for hundreds of gorgeous, tanned looks. How to recreate this summer look? Pair a shimmery copper eyeshadow with some bronzer and warm neutral lipstick. It doesn’t require a lot of blending but still delivers a major vibe. And don’t forget to start with an eyeshadow primer to make sure the color really holds – also during the hot days!

8. Coral lips

Bold lips are a year-round makeup classic, but you can add a summery vibe to your red-lip look by swapping out your cooler-toned reds (like bordeaux and dark reds) for a warmer shade like a coral lipstick. You can never go wrong with a coral lip this summer.

9. Fluffy brows

Fluffy eyebrows have been trending in recent seasons – and it’s back again this summer. Fluffy brows look just as good whether you have chosen to do a no-makeup makeup look or have gone all-in on a glamorous look. The best way to recreate this look? Use a brow wax and brush your brows upwards to straighten and lengthen the hairs.

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