Behind DUFF: Our favorite makeup items


We all have our favorite makeup products, which we’ve fallen completely in love with over and over again. But perhaps, you have been wondering what our favorite products are at DUFF. As we love sharing our greatest tips and makeup inspiration with you, this time we want to talk about our favorite go-to items!

As you might know, DUFF has a wide range of beauty products. However, Nadia, Neda, and Caroline from the DUFF team are far from agreeing on, which products are their makeup essentials.

Are you up for guessing which products you always can find in our makeup bags? Then you should keep on reading.

Even though it has been a difficult task for the DUFF team, we have tried to narrow down our favorites that we think you’ll love too.


 My favorites are the Monroe, It Girl, and Date Night lashes, as those are the ones I always go back to and use most often. Monroe is the only false lash that gives me a beautiful and playful look, as it creates the ultimate cat-eye effect with gradually more length towards the outer corners. This lash will be my forever favorite!

Monroe, 180 DKK.

 It Girl is the perfect medium glam lash, as it gives me the illusion of being born with perfect lashes. When wearing the lashes, it actually looks like that I am blessed by nature with long, beautiful lashes. It Girl is so fluffy and classy that it can cheer up any mood on a bad day!

It Girl, 200 DKK.

 Those days when I feel like doing something extra, I add a perfect touch of volume and dramatic attention to my eyes. Date Night is definitely my go-to lash for any special occasions, such as parties and night outs. Those three lashes are my must-haves as they’re a main part of my makeup routine, why I can’t live without them!

Date Night, 200 DKK.

Caroline - "Nourishing, luscious lashes"

 I’m deeply in love with the Supreme Lash Mascara, as it gives my lashes the perfect coat of color. The mascara is perfecting the art of layering, as the brush allows to coat every single lash – from root to tip! Not only does the mascara make my eyes pop by adding length and fullness, but it also cares for my natural lashes. The mascara is infused with nurturing ingredients, which keep my natural eyelashes hydrated and moisturized. And that is definitely a big plus, as the mascara prevents lash loss and breakage, but at the same time adds a bright-but-pretty look. Smudged mascara is one of the most common complaints in the beauty world. But with this mascara, I don’t have to worry about getting panda eyes on a rainy day, as it stays in place all day!

Supreme Lash Mascara, 180 DKK.

– Trophy Wife is my absolute favorite lash style! I love that it’s perfect to wear on every occasion – from a daytime look to a nighttime glam with a perfect winged eyeliner. The lashes frame my eyes beautifully, and the 3D effect just makes my eye game strong as it ensures a natural-looking lash effect.

Trophy Wife, 200 DKK.

 Everyone needs a pair of Sasha Fierce lashes in their lives! I won't shut up about Sasha Fierce. The lashes give the perfect balance of volume and length without being too overbearing. Those lashes can quickly transform my makeup look in seconds!

Sasha Fierce, 200 DKK.

– I’ve for a long time now been addicted to the Twiggy lashes. I’m definitely a sucker for the way the lashes give me a perfect, natural lash effect. They’re the kind of lashes that I always bring with me on vacations. Twiggy adds the perfect touch of glam to my eyes especially on vacations, as I prefer not to wear full-face makeup on hot, sweaty days, but instead, I just apply a pair of long, luscious Twiggy lashes.  

Twiggy, 180 DKK.

Neda – “Cat-eyes for every occasion”

– I got three favorites that have left the biggest impression on me. There’s no doubt that the Au Natural, Trophy Wife and Goal Digger lashes are my go-to in my everyday makeup routine. Even on days, where I don’t want to wear makeup, I’ll wear the Au Natural lashes, as they’re perfect for everyday use. They really just enhance what I already have in a pretty, natural way. Especially those days when need to look flawless and fresh, I add those lashes that give a slight cat-eye effect.

Au Natural, 200 DKK.

– Trophy Wife is highly practical in life, and it’s been my must-have in years. The lashes give a beautiful eyelash look with an almost feathery crisscross effect. I literally wear Trophy Wife every day and for every occasion. It does not only save you in a tight situation during stressful mornings but can also boost your eye makeup in few minutes.

Trophy Wife, 200 DKK.

– My latest obsession is the Goal Digger lashes. I switch between Goal Digger and Trophy Wife, depending on how dramatic I want my eyes to appear. It offers a fluttery lash effect that creates a feminine cat-eye look. I’m a huge fan!

 Goal Digger, 200 DKK.


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