Christmas Nail Art and Holiday Nail Designs to copy for December 2022


The absolute best part of the Christmas holiday (aside from the presents, of course) is the themed festivities and getting dressed up from head-to-toe in a holiday lewk— yes, that includes beautiful Christmas nails. To help you channel the holiday spirit, we found the cutest and most beautiful Christmas nail art ideas for inspiration, whether you like a gorgeous, subtle look (think: a bold red polish glazing over your nails), or you want your nails to look like a literal snowflake.

Keep scrolling to see the most festive (and easy-to-create) Christmas nail ideas ranging from French manicures and press-on nails to glittery manicures – ’cause these Christmas nail designs will work perfectly for wowing your coworkers at the office party or your family members at dinner.

1. Simple yet gorgeous red Christmas nails

If you're looking to take a red manicure to the next level this Christmas, try out DUFFBEAUTY’s new press on nails. Bloody Mary has the perfect festive color if you wanna notch up your nails in seconds, as the false nails are easy and quick to apply, even for beginners! These press-on nails are the perfect fit for office parties and family gatherings as they’re simple yet gorgeous and feminine.

2. Brown French tip Christmas nails

Christmas nails don’t just have to be the typical colors of green, red, and gold. A sparkly, vibrant brown can do the trick just as easily! Add some sparkle to half of your matte French tips and your nails will literally look like part of a gingerbread house.

The nail look has a festive twist on the classic French manicure (however, a French mani is also a perfect go-to for any Christmas party. Just take a look at our Modern French press-on nails).

3. Multicolored holiday metallic nails

Christmas, but make it metallic. The beauty of this nail look is that it’s so easy: (1) Just pick some shiny or wintry hues that match the holiday spirit, (2) paint each nail a different complementary metallic color, (3) switch it up on the other hand, and (4) select some jewelry and an outfit to match. An easy nail art and definitely Christmas-proof!

4. Red and gold nails for Christmas

Sometimes simple and chic is the way to go for holiday nails. This sophisticated red and gold manicure might look hard to recreate, but it’s actually pretty simple. Coat your nails with a deep red or burgundy nail polish. Once they’re dry, dip a thin nail polish brush into a gold polish and draw a half-moon shape along the base of each nail. Then follow up with a glossy top coat for an ultra-shiny manicure.

5. Easy Burgundy Christmas nails

A deep red manicure for Christmas never goes out of style. If you fell in love with the red and gold nail design just above, but perhaps you don’t have a gold polish in your nail polish collection, these DUFFBEAUTY press-on nails are your perfect way out. The Very Vamp false nails have a beautiful burgundy color with an iridescence effect.

This Christmas nail style is super minimalist and bold without being boring. The press-on nails give the perfect holiday vibe and go perfectly with any festive outfit this season!

6. Glitter nails for Christmas

An easy way to make your manicure super luxe? Glitter polish. The glittery shade instantly transforms your Christmas nail art and makes it holiday-friendly without being too corny.

The best part about glitter polish is that it quite literally never comes off, so use that to your advantage. Apply it for Christmas Eve, and let it last you until New Year’s Eve (and let’s be honest, maybe even Valentine’s Day too). Glitter nails can work for every holiday, even if you go blue, red, silver, or green.

7. White swirly Christmas nails

You don’t need to have straight-up Christmas wreaths on your nails to feel like you’re being festive this year. These white swirls are a modern take on the usual Christmas nail colors.

If you aren’t a pro at nail art, don’t worry! Because with DUFFBEAUTY’s fake nails you can easily recreate this creamy swirly look. Milky Swirl like our other press-on nails is easy and simple to apply if you wanna recreate these swirly Holiday nails.

8. Red and white snowflake nails

We’re all hoping for a white Christmas. If you want to get in the holiday mood, add some snowflakes to your nails. Paint your nails red, let the polish dry completely, then add on the snowflakes. This red glittery and white snowflake combo feels simple yet festive and elegant.


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