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New launching: Get beautiful and healthy eyebrows


Beautiful and healthy eyebrows are an important part of creating a beautiful makeup. Eyebrows play great importance for your overall look, as the brows add structure to your face and create harmony. However, not everyone is blessed with full, well-groomed brows by nature. And some might have gone through the over-plucking period of the early aughts that permanently have changed the shape of the brows. The eyebrow trends of 2022 haven’t made it much easier, as the bold, full brows not only have gone viral on TikTok and Instagram but also on the glamorous runways. So, whether you’re a brow lamination, fluffy brows, or feather brows kinda girl, it all takes a little extra care and styling.

At DUFF we’re here to rescue all of you beauty-lovers who either suffer from flashbacks of your high school tadpole brows, or just those of you who dream of beautiful, healthy brows. That’s why we’re happy to share our great news with you, as we’re launching two new eyebrow products that can help you get the brows you dream of. High Define Brow Pencil and High Define Brow Gel are the perfect combo to get beautiful brows while nourishing and stimulating hair growth. Are your brows not living up to their fullest, fluffiest potential? Then keep scrolling and get inspired by our new products that can help you achieve beautiful and well-groomed eyebrows.

Create defined brows with High Define Brow Pencil

Full and bold eyebrows are something many of us dream of waking up to. Luckily, there’s still hope, because with the right products you can create beautiful eyebrows, and at the same time stimulate the hair growth of the brows.

By using our new double-sided eyebrow pencil, High Define Brow Pencil, you can create defined and natural-looking brows in seconds! The brow pencil is easy to use and has an ultra-fine tip, which makes it easy to make precise hair-like strokes that define, shape, and fill brows. The brush at the opposite end blends and styles the brow easily, which gives a defined and unified look. 

High Define Brow Pencil has a unique wax-formula that makes it easy to blend the color into the brows while creating a rich, yet natural color payoff. The unique formula keeps your brows on point all day, as it’s smudge-proof and long-lasting - so even a long walk on a rainy, windy day or a girls’ night out wouldn’t scare your brows off!

What’s more, you get healthier eyebrows while using the High Define Brow Pencil! The eyebrow pencil is enriched with Argan oil, which has a nourishing and moisturizing effect that strengthens the brows - and it’s 100% vegan and fragrance-free. High Define Brow Pencil comes in four natural color shades, all of which are designed to match different hair colors and skin types – so you’ll deffo find a color that flatters and suits your natural brows!

Get well-groomed, healthy eyebrows with High Define Brow Gel

The major headliners of recent seasons have been all about full, bold brows. Feather brows, brow lamination, and fluffy brows – you name it. We all love them and want them. Luckily the beautiful trendy brows are achievable – as long as we make an effort in grooming our brows to keep them looking their best!

High Define Brow Gel is our new brow gel that in a new way tames the brows with its nourishing ingredients, which naturally make them fuller and groomed. The brow gel has a unique formula, as it’s a 3-in-1 clear gel that nourishes, defines, and sets brows in place all day - so it’s a perfect solution for creating a long-term result and an instant brow styling effect.

Nourishing products help strengthen the hair and seal in hydration, which in turn will help to promote healthy growth - just like a healthy, hydrated scalp helps you maintain healthy locks!
That’s why brows, like your hair, need care and moisture, as your brows are exposed to breathtaking winds, UV light, and makeup products. High Define Brow Gel helps care, nourish, and give healthier brows, as it’s enriched with brow-boosting ingredients. It contains Arginine, Panthenol, and Cranberry Water which promotes healthier, fuller, and fluffier brows - all while using the product!

The new innovative formula ensures that your brows stay on fleek all day, as it gives an ultra-strong hold without the feeling of stiff brows. Likewise, the brow gel is smudge-proof, sweat-resistant, 100% vegan, and fragrance-free - definitely a must-have product that will make you and your brows happy!


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