Color Theory: The perfect makeup for your eye color

With color theory you can find the perfect makeup for you eye color

Are you looking for the perfect look that makes your eyes shine through? We have a few fantastic tips for you. You can find the perfect makeup for your eye color by using color theory, whether you have blue, green, or brown eyes, there are plenty of lovely colors that can give your eyes an extra boost.

The theory behind complementary colors

In theory, complementary colors are opposites that intensify the contrast. This means that by matching them, you can make your eye color look brigther. In addition to the direct complementary, you can also use a split-complementary. This leans against your own color, but still has contrasting elements such as warmth and depth.

With this little guide, you can find tips for the perfect makeup for your eye color.

Blue eyes

Blue eyes look fantastic in rich burnt tones and deep purple shades. The cold blue contrasts sharply with the warm tones and gives the eye even more intensity. The colors don't have to dominate the whole look, even undertoned details, make a big difference. For an undertoned warmth, a brown mascara is a great hit. Supreme Lash Mascara in 02 Brown gives a beautiful depth to blue eyes in your everyday look.

Burnt and Peachy

Orange and Peach are complementary colors to blue. A good example of a Peachy look is this one from @goldenbarbie. The lovely tones don't dominate the face, but give a nice warmth that makes the blue tones shine. For a color like this, you can easily bring additional intensity with a beautiful brown liner. Our Master Stamp & Stroke Eyeliner in Dark Chocolate is a perfect match.

Purple Plum

Plum is a warm deep purple that really puts the intensity in the forefront. It is a split-complementary color to blue, so it is next to the blue color but the warmth contrasts it. Although a dark eyeshadow can seem intimidating, it can still be light and elegant. This look is super powerful, but the purple color can also be used for a simpler look in the form of a smudged liner.

Green eyes

Green eyes are a fantastic warm and lovely tone. If you are looking for the perfect makeup for green eyes, it is clear that tones that bring them out should be used. Black mascara is always good, but brown mascara is something special just for green eyes.

All things Red

The direct complementary color to green is red, so you can really embrace bold red lips for your green eyes. In addition, the calmer mauve tones are superb around the eyes. This look combines both, and the green eyes shine!

Golden Godess

Golden brown colors are wonderful for green eyes. The golden tones are split-complementary to green and give your green eyes a wild shine. The warmth really comes into focus like the light from golden hour. This combination is a sure winner for all intensities. Gold and golden tones can be used for any occasion and are even easy to incorporate into a simple everyday look.

Dark brown eyes

Dark brown eyes are so versatile that all colors match these eyes. Their intense depth can really carry all colors. However, if you want extra focus on your beautiful warm eyes, cold tones are a fantastic contrast. My favorite match for brown eyes is blue and purple tones, but especially a turquoise or blue-green tone.

Soft Lilac

A violet tone is simply the most beautiful touch for dark brown eyes. Here I can really recommend a light purple shimmer for a light look or an intense graphic liner for a more dramatic look.

A pastel purple shimmer gives the most wonderful angelic look. Every time I see it matched with a pair of brown eyes, I find myself completely captivated - yes, I become completely hypnotized.

Deep Sea

The picture speaks for itself! Just look at that insane combination. The warmth of the blue-green tones captured in the dark eyes is fantastic.

It's definitely a look that's a bit more daring, but my goodness, it's a winner. If you're up for a look that has a bit more intensity, then this is the wildest choice.

Hazel/Light brown eyes

Hazel eyes, or light brown eyes, are packed with golden tones! If you want to enhance these warm burning eyes, cool tones are a great match. The complementary color to yellow/orange tones is blue, BUT split-complementary colors green and purple, can do something really special. Therefore, these are a fantastic makeup look for light brown eyes.

Green Dream

The golden tones in light brown eyes shine almost on their own. Anyone with this eye color is absurdly lucky. Match them with green details, and you have a winner. This look completely blows me away! The green color forces the gold in your eyes to stand out - and I am here for it! Am I a little envious? Yes...

A look like this can easily be toned down. If you want this color for everyday wear, a smudged liner is a great option. Use a green eyeshadow along your upper lash line and extend it as eyeliner. Top it with a brown mascara. A perfect simple everyday look for light brown eyes.

Purple Haze

Looks like this require a little extra confidence, but dear God, can everyone with light brown eyes pull it off! The warmth and lightness of this lovely color combination really shines through. I'm passionate about this match. It's so bold, and I'm completely in love.

Grey Eyes

Gray eyes are light and icy, and it's super easy to match them with a color that makes them sparkle. Grey is actually because the pigment in the eye is weak, so sharp colors can create dimension here.

Blue and grey eyes are very similar, but when it comes to matching makeup, there are a few differences that make a big impact. For blue eyes, brown mascara is fantastic, but for grey eyes, we always recommend black mascara. The black mascara gives the eye a sharp frame to the light shining color.

Royal Blue

Royal blue is a divine match for the icy, grey eyes. The dark deep blue lifts the light eyes and gives a wild illusion of dimension.

Rose Gold

Grey eyes always shine - so lucky you! But if you want to give them an extra boost, rose gold is a wonderful combination. The light warm rose gold tones do not weigh down the eye, but complement grey eyes with a muted warmth. A look like this is super easy for an everyday look.

Frequently asked questions

Do colors matter for making eyes shine?
Definitely! It is actually scientifically proven that by matching colors with their complementary color, it intensifies for the eye. This means that your eye color can appear stronger and more intense by pairing it with an eyeshadow that contrasts with them.

Should I only use complementary colors?
No, makeup has no rules! Although the theory behind complementary colors gives your eyes an extra boost, it should never limit your creativity. Make-up is an art form where you can express yourself creatively. Complementary colors are just guidelines to enhance your natural beautiful eyes.

Does eye shape also matter for choosing the right eyeshadow color?
When it comes to eye shape, it's more important where colors are placed. With dark and light colors, you can shape the eye, just like we know from contouring."

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