Perfect Lash Adhesive Liner

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Applying lashes has never been easier!
  • ☆ Designed and developed in Denmark

  • ☆ Free shipping on orders over 250 DKK


  • Revolutionary eyeliner and lash glue 2-in-1

  • Precision felt tip for the ultimate control

  • Latex-free & vegan formula

  • Minimal dry time and all-day hold (Waterproof formular)

  • Restickable formula for a easy application, even for beginners!

  • Can be used with any type of false lashes

How to use:

  1. Shake well before use.
  2. Make sure your eye area is clean and oil free. 
  3. Apply the eyeliner along your lash line by using small strokes. We recommend 2-3 swipes, make sure to apply the liner all the way along your lash line to ensure the egdes of the lash band stays in place all day. 
  4. Wait 15-30 sec and place the lash onto the center of your lash line and ensure the ends. 

Lash tip: If you want to make sure your lashes stay in place all day, apply a layer of the liner onto each end of your lash band before appying them on. 


 Lashes used: Trophy Wife

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