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Summer 2021 beauty trends

Summer 2021 beauty trends
The summer is finally here and for some of us, the lockdowns are over. Congratulations! We can finally return to a normal life, and therefore spend a little more effort on our makeup routines and fully embrace ourselves again. The biggest news of all - new beauty trends to look forward to! We’ve gathered the five hottest beauty trends this summer that will be everywhere in 2021. Are you curious? Then keep on reading for inspiration!

The beauty trends of summer 2021 are…

  1. Bold bottom lashes
  2. Playful, pastel eyes
  3. No-makeup makeup
  4. Glass skin
  5. Half-cut lashes

Beauty trend 1: No-makeup makeup

No-makeup makeup is a beauty trend that never goes out of fashion – and many of us are already rocking the look! The no-makeup trend is a way for you to focus on highlighting and beautifying the best features of yourself by using makeup.

People are often struggling to achieve natural-looking makeup, but here it’s important to keep in mind that the purpose of makeup is to look as invisible and light as possible. The best trick of the no-makeup look is first of all to create a good base for the makeup. Make sure your skin looks natural and glowy by moisturizing your skin. If the skin isn’t well-moisturized, the rest of the makeup will throughout the day move and gather around your fine lines and dry areas on the skin. To avoid that the makeup looks
cracked or cakey, we recommend using a good serum or a good moisturizer as a base for your makeup that contributes to beautiful, healthy-looking skin.

Choose a light foundation with a glowy finish to cover your little imperfections. The skin should not look completely matt, but instead, the purpose is that the foundation melts well into the skin and leaves the skin with a beautiful and natural glow. Do you have freckles? Let them show! Freckles give a gorgeous effect. Try to avoid using a heavy, full coverage foundation – as the no-makeup trend tries to embrace your natural, beautiful features.  

Keep the rest of the makeup natural by defining your eyebrows and applying a light brush in shades of pink and berry to tie your whole face together or a little bronzer on the cheekbone that gives a feeling of sun-kissed cheeks.

For this look, DUFF's Au Natural lashes are the perfect match. The lashes are ideal for completing a natural look, as they’re designed to look like your natural eyelashes.

Beauty trend 2: Glass skin

Glass skin is the new “little black dress” in the beauty world, where the trend actually originates from Korean skincare and makeup. Glass skin is a term for exceptionally smooth, even-toned, and lustrous skin that’s so flawless it has the appearance of glass. The glass skin makeup trend may look like the no-makeup trend, however, the focus of attention is pointed towards the healthy-looking skin that should appear natural, shiny, and fresh.

Using nourishing and exfoliating skincare products is key, as they’ll add a lot of moisture but also provide a base hydration that will prep the skin before applying makeup. When it comes to the foundation, it’s really important to keep in mind that the foundation should be light and reflect the light rather than having a full-coverage effect. With the glass skin look, you can actually skip the foundation routine completely and instead apply a glossy primer, which will make your skin feel light and silky soft. A glossy primer will create a glassy and fresh look.

Try to avoid powder or bronzer if you’re going for the glass skin look, as it can ruin the reflective, glossy effect.

Finish the look off with a bit of lip gloss for glossy, juicy lips. You can also choose to use a lip balm with a nice pink tint for a shiny and exfoliated finish. 

Trend 3: Bold bottom lashes

The next beauty trend will really blow your mind! Even though, big eyes aren’t really a beauty trend so much as a gorgeous natural feature. However, this trend will help give you the perfect doe-eyed look. Bold bottom lashes will enlarge the look of your eyes and draw attention to your beautiful eyes. Plus, the look will definitely give you serious ‘60s throwback vibes without a doubt!

What you need to achieve this look is only your favorite mascara. Coat your bottom lashes with a couple of layers of clumpy mascara. Try to let each coat dry before applying a new coat to get a perfect clumpy, layered mascara effect. And voila! Let your inner ‘60s beauty queen shine with bold bottom lashes!

Mascara can often damage your natural lashes, as mascara makes the lashes a little stiffer which leads to lash breakage. However, you can still create this fresh, playful statement look while at the same time caring for your natural lashes. Therefore, we recommend DUFF's Supreme Lash Mascara, as the mascara also works as an eyelash serum, because it nourishes, moisturizes, and strengthens your natural lashes while wearing it! Despite the clumpy lash look, the great deal of the mascara is that it’s waterproof, and therefore does not smudge under your eyes throughout the day. No worries about panda eyes on a rainy summer day!

Trend 4: Half cut lashes

This trend is definitely one of our favorites and is definitely worth trying at home! The half cut lash look is the perfect way to introduce falsies into your makeup bag, or perfect to add effortless glamour to your everyday makeup look. This trend suits all eye shapes, is easy to apply, and still adds something special to your look.

It’s pretty simple to achieve this look, as all you need is your favorite lash style, lash glue, and a scissor. Start by cutting your full set of lashes in half. When applying the lash, try to start in the middle of your upper lash line and work towards the outer corner of your eye. Glue on half of the lashes as close as possible to your natural lash line. And that’s it! You just have to repeat on the other eye.

The half cut lashes will give you a subtle yet vampy lash flick at the outer corner of your eyes. You’ll find that your natural lashes will blend perfectly into the half strip of your falsies!

Wanna give this look a try but don’t have a pair of favorite false lashes? Take a look at your website, as we offer a wide range of beautiful lashes in different designs and styles! Are you a Monroe lash girl and prefer a little extra glamour with a lash style that creates an elegant, sophisticated look, or an Au Natural lash girl who’s going for long, wispy yet natural-looking lashes?

Trend 5: Playful, pastel eyes

Do you perhaps wanna try out the most boldest trend of this summer? Then this pastel trend is definitely something for you! 2021 is once again welcoming the soft pastels. This trend will turn your mood around in a split second and add a fresh, colorful touch to your makeup.

If you wanna brighten up everyday life a bit and cheer up your mood in these corona times, then you should go all-in on this summer’s playful color palette, which will remind you of your childhood’s greatest time spent in the candy store!

Find your favorite eyeshadow palettes with the most beautiful pastels and apply light shades of pink, green, blue, and peach. This trend is fun and playful, so you can never do something completely wrong, as long as you stick to the same color scale and focus on the pastel colors!

Spice up this bold makeup look with a pair of Monroe lashes to give an elegant finish and to tie your whole look together.

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