Get the look: Valentine's Day

Get the look: Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day - it is the time for love, lots of chocolate, and for rocking a romantic makeup look. We'll leave the chocolate for you, but we can definitely help you out with finding your perfect makeup look for Valentine's Day. Valentine's only comes around once a year, and if you haven't found your big love yet, we guarantee that you'll at least fall in love with these makeup ideas.

Whether you celebrate this holiday of love in your own lovely company with a glass of rosé, your friend or your boyfriend, this day is the perfect excuse to put a little extra effort into your look. Get creative with a winged liner or go all-in on red tones. We have the inspo you need to create the look that best suits your V-Day plans!

1. Elegant og stylish winged eyeliner

Winged eyeliner is the ultimate go-to romantic look, especially if you love the more natural but still flirty makeup look. There is nothing more feminine than drop-dead gorgeous cat-eyes - and it is definitely an amazing look to initiate your Valentine's Day in a super girly way. There's nothing to lose by trying out this look. 

Even though the cat-eye effect is a timeless trend for sure, some people might find it difficult to end up with matching wings on both eyes. If you can relate, you just might end up loving our Master Stamp & Stroke Eyeliner, which makes it easy to create beautiful wings that match every time. All you gotta do is stamp on your wing on the outer corner of your eye, and then finish your liner by drawing a line along your lash line with the "stroke"-side. It doesn't get any easier than that!

If you want to try the cay-eye look out for yourself, you can add a little extra glam and focus to your eyes. Our Trophy Wife lashes are longer towards the outer corner which creates an elongated and lifted look - they are essential in finishing this romantic Valentine's look

Keep the rest of your makeup neutral with a light complexion makeup and a little lipgloss. That way the focus will be drawn to your flirty eyes. Love will definitely be in the air with this feather-light look!

2. Romantik og glossy lips

This romantic look has made a return. Create your own "French chic makeup look" with a nice highlighter, a winged liner, and a light glow.

This look is just as easy to create as it looks. Emphasize the romantic vibes by keeping your eye makeup in calm, neutral shades with a delicate winged liner, that gives an elegant and put-together makeup look. Finish the look by giving your skin a natural sun-kissed glow by using a bronzer and a blush. Get your favorite bronzer, that isn't too dark, and apply it along your jawline, along your forehead at the edge of your hairline, and a little across your nose. 

 Then apply a light blush on your cheekbone which mimics that fresh "just-in from having been outside"-cheeks. Finish by emphasizing your best features with a beautiful highlighter, that gives the illusion of a healthy, glowing skin. 

Our Monroe lashes are the perfect finishing touch - they are feminine in just the right way when it comes to recreating this beautiful, romantic look.

Add a little extra spice to the look with glossy, pink lips that not only gives a nice shine but also draw attention to your lips. A nourishing gloss is ideal for Valentine's as it moisturizes your lips and primes them for whatever the day brings. 

3. The Ultimate Valentines-look

Do you want to try your hand at doing a look that is a little out of the ordinary? Then this soft pinky look might just be for you! There's no Valentine's without something pink. This look is one of our favorites and definitely worth a try. Pink eyeshadow will give a playful, but yet sophisticated look that won't go unnoticed. If you want to try your luck this Valentine's, this eyeshadow will definitely get you there. 

If this bold makeup look is up your alley, then apply a nice, pearly, pink eyeshadow with a pair of Trophy Wife lashes for a look that is sure to make an impression. 


4. Red, ready & trendy

Valentine's Day 2022 will once again welcome red, soft lips. You can never go wrong on Valentine's with red lips. It is a true makeup classic. 

If the grey weather has got you feeling moody, you can easily lift your spirits on Valentine's by changing it up with lovely, kiss-prepped lips. Create a statement look with red lips and highlighter, that leads your mind away from anything having to do with gloomy weather. If you want to lighten up the winter, this seductive look is for you! And if you wanna be bold, you can combine the look with a sharp, winged liner and our Twiggy lashes for a more intense, sophisticated, and trendy look. 



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