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DUFF product wins Innovation of the Year award: Top power products to get you prepped in no time

DUFF product wins Innovation of the Year award: Top power products to get you prepped in no time

Are you a fan of hitting the snooze button in the morning to spend an extra 10 minutes in bed? We’ve all been there and done that. Yet, even if we always are hitting the snooze button, we still want to look put together before walking into the office. To save precious time while getting ready in the morning, you should definitely have some of our products at hand, as they’ll get you prepped and ready in no time!

DUFFBEAUTY is a brand built of innovation and creativity, where everyone is inspired to simplify beauty by new alternative products that creates simple, yet professional results. Read on here to get inspired by our innovative and multifunctional makeup products that can simplify the way you apply makeup - without ever compromising on quality!

And as we at DUFF are grateful for our two nominations at the Danish Beauty Award 2021, and last but not least that our Perfect Lash Adhesive Liner was announced the winner of the Innovation of the Year award – we want to inspire you with our most essential time-saving and innovative products!

Innovative, inspiring 2-in-1 methods

Especially, three of our products should have a spot in your makeup bag. The Perfect Lash Adhesive Liner won the Innovation of the Year award, as its innovative 2-in-1 solution has made the application of false lashes much easier for many of us! The product's multifunctionality makes it function as a lash glue and eyeliner at the same time. Therefore, by using this eyeliner you can take the easy way out and say goodbye to the “practice makes perfect” principle!

Let’s just all agree that winged eyeliner is a beautiful touch for any eye makeup, as nothing elevates the eye makeup game like a perfectly drawn winged eyeliner. And yes, we know that a great deal of us have struggled to achieve the perfect cat-eye look. But congratulations! Your thoughts are heard! Your wishes were granted! We have developed the new upcoming favorite product for all those who dream of mastering the art of making the perfect winged eyeliner. The Master Stamp & Stroke Eyeliner is in fact the solution to all your problems, as the eyeliner allows you to make a sharp winged liner quickly and easily on every eye. The eyeliner is a 2-in-1 product, as the dual-sided wing stamp pen and felt-tip liquid liner help create the gorgeously drawn cat-eye every time. Keep this in mind! As there’s no need for practice or a steady hand with this product – because with this proper method, it’s definitely achievable to create perfect and neat wings in seconds!

Click here to read more about how to create the perfect winged eyeliner.

Mascara is probably the ultimately must-have product in everyone’s daily makeup routine that can easily give our self-confidence an extra boost. However, DUFF’s Supreme Lash Mascara has its own charm, as it’s multifunctional and, therefore, functions as both a mascara and an eyelash serum. Something quite unique that you probably wouldn’t get otherwise from other mascaras! In other words, the mascara has an extra strengthening and nurturing effect, as it’s enriched with ingredients such as Biotin and Castor oil, which give you a long-lasting result with healthy, long eyelashes. A must-have product that nurtures and strengthens every lash straw, prevents loss of lashes, and in some cases can promote lash growth. And voila - the best of both worlds!


Sustainable shortcuts to beauty

We all want the magic pair of fake eyelashes that just suit us perfectly, and because few of us are born with long, luscious lashes, false eyelashes can be a great shortcut to complete your look. However, it can seem like a difficult task to find the perfect pair of lashes that suit your eyes and desires. And because we’re completely in love with the lash-look, we want all lash-lovers to find their perfect match.

DUFF offers a wide selection of lashes all ranging from natural to full glam in different designs and styles! So, because it’s super confusing to find the best style, you can take a look at our various styles here and discover which pair of lashes suit your desires!

Yet, the most compelling argument lies in the fact that lashes from DUFFBEAUTY are reusable, which means that you don’t have to throw them out after use! In fact, our lashes can be reused 25+ times, if you take good care of them by cleaning them after every 2-3 uses. Recyclable products are great for both the climate and your wallet!

Click here to get our step-by-step guides to how to apply false lashes or how to maintain the quality of your false lashes.



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